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Why None of the "Student Leaders" Died in the "Tiananmen Massacre"? (1)

5 June 2009

The following is the English translation of the excerpt of a popular online post in Chinese titled " "很多学生死了", 为何柴玲, 吾尔开希, 李录等发起人却还活着? ", penned by an unknown author:

The so-called "pro-democracy student leaders" claimed there was a "massacre" taken place on June 4th in Beijing. The question is, if this is to be true, then why none of the "student leaders" perished in the incident?

Let's go back to 1989 when China's economic reform came to a bottleneck with public dissatisfaction mounting as the inflation rate climbed. By then, the family members of many high officials [in particular the son of the top leader in the CCP, namely Zhao Ziyang] accumulated huge profits at the public expense. Under such a climate, the student relay in the name of anti-official-corruption was swiftly responded by people in wide community in Beijing.

But the direction of the demonstrations soon changed, and the ugly nature of the "student leaders" spoiled the whole movement.

In the first meeting between the student leaders and the Chinese authority, Premier Li Peng pledged to investigate official corruption, but Chai Lin and her team still refused to call off the hunger strike on the Tiananmen Square with the excuse that the student leaders might be prosecuted later. So in the second meeting, the premier promised that there would be no such prosecution. But Chai Lin and her team still rejected to leave the square for the reason that they did not trust the premier.

Why Chai Lin and her team appeared to be so unreasonable, seemingly determining to escalate the demonstration into a full scale confrontation with the Chinese government? The answer: they were urged to stick it out by the forces behind them from outside the mainland of China, in particular, the CIA in the United States and a British backed pro-colonial organisation called Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Democratic Movements in China.

Hong Kong Alliance found its way into the student leadership right from the beginning and provided 90 percent of the supporting fund, and purchased a large number of tents to encourage the students from non-local universities to turn the Tiananmen Square into a camping site. The representatives of the Alliance in Beijing worked as the top consultants for Chai Lin and other student leaders, and successfully used the demonstration as a blackmail against Chinese authority, aiming at promoting blood confrontation, ideally, with high death toll. Its goal was to provoke a feeling of horror among the residents in Hong Kong regarding the return of island to China and to incite the international community to demand Chinese government to allow the island to remain as British colony.

The excerpt of the original text in Chinese:

六·四: "很多学生死了", 为何柴玲, 吾尔开希, 李录等发起人却还活着?


但是在后来运动就逐渐的变了性,柴玲,吾尔开希与李录的人性的阴暗和丑陋的一面也逐渐暴露出来。在第一次与当时的李鹏总理谈判时,李鹏答应政府调查官倒和贪污。但是以柴玲为首的学生代表拒绝撤出天安门。柴玲说: 撤出天安门广场后,李鹏会对学生代表秋后算帐。在第二次与当时的李鹏总理谈判时,学生代表增加了不许对学生秋后算帐的条件李鹏也答应了。可是但是以柴玲为首的学生代表仍然拒绝撤出天安门广场。柴玲说我们不相信李鹏。


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The newspaper of the white supremacy warriors, The Australian, moaned today: Tiananmen "massacre" wiped from China's collective memory.

That's indeed outrageous! What, you can't remember the pain from your wound that we inflicted on you through our local agents? Master in the United States, can you do something about these yellow people, again?

Americans: I'm coming ...

U.S. Crusaders:

Chinese, hear this, we won't give up until we break you up!

Anti-China forces in the United States gather together with their hired Chinese agents, the so-called "student leaders" (老特务学生), to plot their next move in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of their failed colour revolution in China.

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