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Home, Not So Sweet Home,
for Ordinary Tibetans Under Dalai's Lamaist Rule

25 June 2009

A harsh life for the old and the young in the Dalai Lama's Tibet

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The Green that Kills

If you think all trees are beneficial to the humanity, you could land yourself into trouble.

The gigantic tree in the pic may look lushly green and soothingly tranquil, but it is deadly toxic.

However people in Guangzhou working in the offices built around the tree were fooled by its innocent appearance, for years, thinking it's just a harmless Sterculia Lanceolata (假萍婆), without realising their lives hang in balance, as just one drop of the white milk from the tree would be powerful enough to cause a violent death.

Fortunately some days ago someone with a pair of discerning eyes saw through its true disposition and alerted the authority.

A team of experts were promptly sent to the scene and confirmed it is indeed the legendary murderous plant Antiaris toxicaria (见血封喉), also known as curare wood, the world's most poisonous tree.

In the old days, hunters in the forest region Xichuangbanna (西双版纳), Yunnan Province (云南), would dip their arrows in the tree milk to help them kill the animals instantly.

(Source of info/photo: 陆先念 - 广州日报)

You know whom I'm thinking about right now ... heheeeee ...

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