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Campus Massacre in the United States

12 June 2009

Shortly after Nixon had been elected president in 1968 promising an end to the Vietnam War, on April 25, 1970, America invaded Cambodia; 5 days later, White House announced its overseas military action of invasion. It was seen by the world-wide opinion as a reckless escalation of the aggression war, and students across the United States were fearful that they would be drafted. As a result, college campuses across the country erupted in protests, which included that of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. [Mind, at the time there were no KGB agents from Moscow actively coaching the students on-site about Russian-style communism, no sea of Russian flags before the White House, no Stalin's statue installed next to the Obelisk, no calls on bringing down American government and copying Russia's political system, no free tents and drinks and food provided by external hostile forces]

On May 2nd, Kent Mayor Leroy Satrom asked Ohio Governor James Rhodes to send the National Guard to Kent to help maintain order. When the National Guard arrived that evening, a large demonstration was already underway at Kent State University and the campus ROTC building was already burning. [It was later reported as a wooden building that used to be a World War II barracks and was empty at the time and already scheduled for demolition, thus the situation in question is very different from the burning incidents in Beijing 19 years later, in which it was civilians' cars, the body of a law-enforcement officer to be set alight by militant mobs].

By May 3rd, nearly 1,000 National Guardsmen occupied campus, and students marched toward town, but were met by guardsmen. At that point, they staged a spontaneous sit-in in the middle of a popular intersection and demanded that the Mayor and KSU President speak with them about the Guard's presence on campus. Assured that this demand would be met, students moved from the street back onto campus [Apparently they didn't have a student leader as tough as Chai Lin and sponsor organizations as sinister as Hong Kong Alliance and CIA to promote a violent confrontation]. Some students were bayoneted and clubbed by guardsmen as they retreated to their dorms.

On May 4th, about 1,500 students gathered again on the Commons [not before the White House!]. An army Jeep was driven in front of the assembled students , who were then told through a bullhorn to disperse immediately [What? No student stood in front of the vehicle to block its way? It's just a Jeep, buddy!]. When students refused, about 116 men, equipped with loaded M-1 rifles and tear gas, formed a skirmish line toward the students.

The National Guard fired tear gas and scattered the students. After the students had completely dispersed from the Commons, several soldiers kneeled, aimed, and fired their weapons at unarmed students. A total of 67 shots were fired over 13 seconds. Four students were killed and nine were wounded.

The National Guardsmen claim the reason they fired on students is that they feared for their life [Think how foolish Chinese soldiers were that they didn't know how to defend themselves like their wise, much wise, American counterparts]. Some students suggest that the attack was ordered because about 10-12 Guardsmen started firing in near unison. Since the Mayor had not officially declared marshal law until May 5th, the students still technically had a right to peacefully assemble. [While in June 4th incident in Beijing, the martial law was declared since May, and the continued student assembly was entirely unlawful]

A similar event took place on May 14th of the same year when two students at Jackson State University were shot to death. [... ???!!!]


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