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The King of Gingko
A tree planted when Chinese civilisation was in its cradle

30 June 2009


The King of Chinese gingko tree (银杏) was officially identified in Guangxi Province by China's botanists a couple of days ago. His Majesty is found to be a longevity star with an advance age of at least 4,000.

In fact, it is not A King, but an extended royal family, consist of the royal couple and their offspring branched out from the roots.

It is said that after 30 years, a plant would begin to gain a sort of consciousness. Imagine what an advanced conscious a 4,000-year old tree would develop. No wonder the locals view the King as their spiritual guardian and sacred protector.



Ever wonder how many thousand-year old unique indigenous trees called Chinese gingko existed in China? That's a lot of guardians and protectors for Chinese nation and culture, very much to the regret of anti-Chinese-human-rights activists, such a Liu Xiaobo who fanatically supports the American invasion of Iraq and publicly declared that China should be colonised and ruled by the West as well for at least 300 years in order to completely root out the Chinese culture.

Liu Xiaobo and those beside of him and behind of him, including the Mistress of the American House Nancy Pelosi, please keep dreamin'.

(Source of info/photos: CFP)

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