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Paris Honours Da-Lie Lama

10 June 2009

< Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe:

My council decides to make an honorary citizen of the French capital for the Dalai Lama's fight he is leading on waging terrorist wars in Lhasa, Chengdu, Chongqing and all other parts in China. He's the warrior in our crusade against Chinese state, culture and people that I hate most.

How are you, Big-Lie Lama?

Chinese in Paris protest against master of Big Lie, the Dalai Lama, and the supporter and sponsor of terrorism, the Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe.

What Chinese Say in Cyberspace:

zhangke199 (

We strongly demand Chinese authority to list Paris as unfriendly city to China.

对于这类问题光是反对, 强烈反对!抗议, 强烈抗议! 有效吗??!!与其这样不如来点实的, 如:公开将法国巴黎列为非友好城市.

虎帐谈兵 (

By failing to return one punch, you are inviting a hundred punches. Some French need a hard lesson to learn that they cannot get away with insulting other people.


文笔塔 (

Paris is the sister city of Beijing. Now with Dalai the terrorist mastermind behind the Lhasa riot becomes the honorary citizen there, does Beijing still want to have this evil sister?


xianzong70 (

Maybe the mayor of Beijing should propose to grant the mobs on recent Paris riots the honorary citizens of Beijing.


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