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2,500-Year Old Coins
Made in China

20 June 2009

When you got up on a Sunday morning and dug soil in your backyard to plant tomato seeds, then discovered in the hole 6000 pieces of milled coins with the image of the cuirassed bust of George II, you must be a very happy soul. The 250-year old currency could bring you a not so small fortune.

It didn't happen to any of us last Sunday and we do not hold our breath to see it happen tomorrow. But it did happen somewhere sometimes ago on earth.

When a villager named Yu Younan (余友南) in China's Anhui Province (安徽) decided to become a home owner builder and dug soil to produce bricks for his housing project, he unexpectedly excavated 6,000 pieces ancient coins with a ghost-like image on them.

He was a very happy man by then, naturally. And when later he learned from the archaeologists that what he dug out were famous "Ghost Face (鬼脸钱)" coins dating back to the Warrior States (475BC - 221BC), an era before First Emperor Qin was born and before a united China came into being, he was even happier. Imagine what kind of fortune the 2,500-year old currency could bring to him!

But in the end the ancient coins have not brought any tangible windfall to Mr Yu, as the man decided last month to give them away for free to a museum.

The Ghost Faces were produced by Chu Kingdom (楚国) based in today's Hubei Province (湖北), the homeland of poet Qu Yuan for him Dragon Boat festival is allegedly dedicated. At the time there were seven kingdoms in the Middle Land and the Ghost Faces enjoyed a status similar to U.S. Dollars in 20th century, commonly used in inter-states trade.

Its supremacy didn't last, of course. The current Chinese currency is yuan, by the way.

(Source of info/photo: 中安在线)

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74-Year Old Anti-Chinese Warrior
Made in USA

Chinese Netizens voted Dalai Lama for the best actor at AScar-in-Brian Award for his dramatic performance in the film The Little Demon's Fifty Years in CIA: Dalai Lama's Downfall (老魔头之中情局五十年:达赖喇嘛的覆灭).

Dalai Lama's AScar acceptance speech:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my producer, the CIA, who created the drama; thank my co-stars in Hollywood who taught me how to pretend to be someone else; and thank my team, the terrorist organisation Tibetan Youth Conference, who worked as my doubles in the show. Guys, I thank you all, and love you all, kiss kiss, hmmmmm-em, heheeheeeee ....

我为了洋大人的几个赏钱到处扮鬼脸整天装圣人明反漢人暗害藏胞我容易吗我! 嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻...

The Art of War of An Ant

An ant buried itself in sand but stuck a tiny leg out. Asked why he acted like this, our mighty ant warrior replied courageously: My spirit adviser told me, sooner an elephant will pass this way, and I'm gonna make him trip and fall.



An insightful advice from a Tibetan Yak:

Mark my words here. Don't mind that Big Lie Lama, as a religious/political/military leader all in one, in the 21st century, he just belongs to an endangered species more hopeless and futureless than me and destined for a doomed fate in Vajra Hell. I'm serious. I'm not laughing.

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