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Mysterious Dreams about American Indians

13 June 2009

The followings are passages from Conscious Dreaming - A Unique Nine-step Approach to Understanding Dreams, written by Rober Moss and published in 1996 by Rider:

I knew very little about American Indians and almost nothing about the Iroquois when I moved to a farm in upstate New York in the mid-1980s. I had spend ten years jumping on and off airplanes as a foreign correspondent based in London, and another five on the commercial fast track in New York, following the popular success of a thriller. It was time to slow down, put down some roots, and discover where I was meant to be going, as a writer and a human being.

I foraged up the Husdom Valley and found a run-down farmhouse secluded from the outside world among rolling cow pastures and virgin woods. Then I started dreaming in the Mohawk language. I dreamed of an elderly Indian woman who was both a clanmother and a powerful healer. In the first of these dreams - fully conscious I was dreaming - I found myself flying on the wings of a redtail hawk. I was drawn to a lodge where the clanmother spoke to me for what seemed like hours in a lilting, misical voice. But I had only a general sense of her message, because she insisted on communicating in her own language.

The old Indian woman returned in a succession of dreams. So did three other dream characters who seemed to be related to her. One of them was a warrior shaman.

I set off into Iroquois Indian country, to unlock the meaning of my dreams and locate my dream characters in their native settings. With the help of Mohawk speakers near Brantford in Ontario, and at Kahnawake, near Montreal, I learned to decode some of the phrases from the old Indian woman that I had jotted down phonetically. Though Mohawks recognized some of her words, she used expressions they found archaic and obscure. A medicine man suggested that the mystery words might be Huron, and indeed I later found some of them in early Jesuit missionary reports from Huron country.

I described my recent dream encounters to a native elder, who said matter-of-factly, "I guess you had some visits." He counseled me not to talk in public about the names and details of some medicine rituals that are traditionally kept secret but had some to me in dreams. He told me, "Some of the great ones stay close to the earth, to defend the land and our people."


自从搬进了农舍之后,我就开始不断地做梦。起先我梦见自己骑在老鹰的背上飞行。当我落地时,总是有一印第安女头人向我叽哩咕噜地说一些我听不懂地土语。后来又有三位土著长老出现在女头人的左右,而我明显地感觉到这三人的能力非同一般。终于有一天我下决心访问附近的几个印第安部落,把我所能记得的几个发音努力按原样学给他们听,而他们居然能分辨出几个发音在他们妈鹰(Mohawk) 语系中的意思。当我提到那三位长老时,一位印第安老人当即警告我,说这事不可随便张扬,并解释道:“一些我们的圣者留在了地球的附近看护着土地和他们的子民。他们托梦给你是有原因的,你等着看好了。”

Just a thought (no offence intended):

Maybe Chinese government should set up a special section within Chinese embassy to America to make sure the Indian people in the United States are treated fairly and gain genuine high-level autonomy.

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