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The Chinese Working for CIA
on the Mission (Impossible)
of Breaking Up China

4 June 2009


只要俺不死,俺发誓, 西藏早晚会是独立国家。

America-based, CIA-hired Democracy Activist X declared that China must be broken up and Tibet should seek independence.

臭气相投, 断背相惜

Democracy activist X to Dalai-led exiled Tibetan terrorists (sincerely):
I apologize on behalf of Chinese victims for you being prosecuted for your horrendous crimes. If you help me to realise my lifetime ambition of becoming a leader of China, I promise you, I will give you a portion of China to lead, and you then can issue yourself a license to kill people - Han Chinese, muslins, your recovered ethnic Tibetan serfs or whoever you wish - and to chop off their heads to make bowls, to peel their skins to make drums.

Dalai Lama (deeply touched, very deep):
You are such a great human (head chopping, skin peeling) rights promoter.

民运汉奸卖国贼老X (感情鸡冻地):

叛国贼大癞 (感情复杂地):

卖国贼老X (感同深受地)

叛国贼大癞 (深有感触地):
养我者CIA, 知我者老X啊。身体上少了个把器官,但身体情况基本良好。

卖国贼老X (感情奔放地):
大癞喇嘛的身体好,不但是藏族人民的幸福,也是汉族、乃至全世界人民的幸福, 更是CIA的幸福, 更更是鸡尔等人皮制品爱好者的幸福, 更更更是吾等断了脊梁骨的民族败类的幸福啊!!!!!

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Time for Classics
Quotes from HAMLET:


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Hamlet (played by Dalai Lama):

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I make love.
I do ... I really, really, do ...
heeheeee ...

Tibetan kids in Lhasa dance to the traditional Tibetan tune on 29 May 2009, celebrating their freedom of living without the Dalai Lama, the children skinware collector

Now the sky in the Tibet is so much brighter, 'cause we've driven away the head serf owner, the Dalai Lama and his lama government, to the West, to meet the ghost of the con master, the murderous uncle of Hamlet. Hello Dalai, enjoy your party hie, worry about your karma later ...

(Source of info/photo: 觉果,

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