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Chinese Remember the 10th Anniversary of Embassy Bombing by the US Air Force

13 May 2009

On the 10th anniversary of the bombing incident occurred on May 8, 1999, flowers were laid in front of the Chinese embassy by the local Serbs whose country was torn apart by the international dictators, which serves as a hard lesson for all those who have believed in Western-styled freedom (which is actually a freedom for the rich and powerful nations to break international conventions at their will) and Western-style democracy (which is in fact a cunning approach for the CIA, the Pentagon and the US Congress and their allied international special interest groups to diminish and dissolve other nations' sovereignty and unity through their paid local foot soldiers)

Some young Chinese demand to bring those in the US government and military forces responsible for the war crimes against China to international trail.

The bombing incident is the beginning of the end for the fairy tales told in China about the US, as it helped so many Chinese to realise that the US is still the old US when it waged wars in Korea and in Vietnam; and it is the beginning of the end for the CIA hired and trained so-called "democracy activists" in China or in exile, as it helped most Chinese to discover the activists are exactly the same old breed of hanjian (汉奸) who commit high treasons by actively helping alien forces to break up their own nation-states for their petty personal gains.

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The Chinese diplomats killed by the US armies in a premeditated bombing attack

The dead and the injured diplomats return home as national heroes

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