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A Man and A Woman in Earthquake (3)

11 May 2009

(1) During the Earthquake
(2) The Earthquake Aftermath

3) Beyond the Earthquake

Comparing to the time before the quake when both the man and the woman owned their businesses, the life for the new family is hard when its financial circumstance is concerned. During the weekdays the man and his wife spent 20 yuans on their daily food, which just allowed the woman to cook a vegetable dish and a bowl of soup for each meal. Only when the kids returned home from school on the weekend she would cook some proper meals that could easily cost 100 yuans.

The daughter used to have a pile of barbie dolls, and the nephews used to own many King Kong action figures. But the three now have to share one toy and one box of chess among themselves.

The youngests gradually realized the difficult situations the family is facing. When the man or the woman asked if they wanted new toys, the old boy would hang his head and answer quietly, "I no longer want toys." And the girl would toss her head and declare bravely, "It's all right to live without toys."

However, the little girl still missed her ski boots lost during the quake, and whenever she saw other kids skiing, she could not help but to bag her mom to buyer a new pair for her.

Her mom refused since it could cost more than 100 yuan Eventually it is the man who purchased a new pair of boots in pretty pink colour which becomes the little girl's most cherished toy since.

Still, the man missed his own son, terribly, and would drop his tears at the mention of his son's name. So the woman eventually decided to have a new baby, although it has already been too much burdens for her and her husband to bear in order to raise three kids. And now she is heavily pregnant.

The life is hard after the quake, and with the arrival of the new baby, the life for this new family will become even harder. But they are hard working people, and they don't mind to work harder. The man is running around fanatically to have a new store opened: he's got his old business connections back on track, but so far has trouble to gain business loans from banks.

The woman is confident, though. "The difficulties are just temporary, once the new county town is built, we'll be able to have our shop, sooner or later, and by then our kids will have a better life."

(Source of in/photos: 姜燕, 周馨 from 新民晚报)

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