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A Man and A Woman in Earthquake (2)

11 May 2009

(1) During the Earthquake

(2) The Earthquake Aftermath

Both the man and the woman were rescued, after three days and three nights. But the same thing did not happen to the man's wife and son, and to the woman's husband.

With her 10-year old daughter, the woman moved from one relief centre to another; and with two nephews, 8 and 10, who lost their parents in the quake, the man returned to his native land in Jiangxi Province. The man and the woman did not see each other again for next three months plus two days, but three unforgettable days and nights that they spent together made they deeply concerned for each other's situations. Finally they both moved into a temporary resettlement village and became neighbours, again.

The man didn't know how to cook, so the woman prepared food with the amount enough for two families to consume and sent her daughter to call her "uncle" and "brothers" to come for meal. The daughter studied at a "tent school" with her "brothers", so the man took the responsibility of collecting all three kids at the weekend.

Seeing that, the neighbours and friends urged them to form a new family.

Hearing that, the woman hesitated, for her husband only died months ago and for her being three years his senior.

Hearing that, the man didn't hesitated for long, and one night when they were the only two at the dinner table, he asked her, "What's your plan for your future?"

The woman didn't reply and, lowing her head, shed her tears.

That night, they spent two hours to eat their dinner, and in the end the woman responded: only if the man's parents didn't mind having a daughter-in-law three years older than their son.

The man's parents certainly would, but not after the earthquake and not after they lost their elder son. By now they only wanted to see their younger son happy.

So he told her so, and added, "My only request is to include my nephews in our new family, and I would really appreciate if you can be nice to them."

The woman returned, gracefully. "Of course, your nephews will be my nephews."

This time it was the man's turn to lower his head and wet his eyes.

The next day, they visited the ruin site of the county town and burn incenses for their lost loved ones. Two months later, they visited the man's parents in Jiangxi and registered as man and wife.

3) Beyond the Earthquake

(Source of in/photos: 姜燕, 周馨 from 新民晚报)

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