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An Earthquake Baby

7 May 2009

Death and birth Statistics of Beichuan County town (北川县城) for 12 May 2008:

Death and missing toll: 16,000 persons
Birth: 1 person

The only surviving baby born on the day of the deadly earthquake measured 8 on the Richter scale in the quake centre Beichuan is a girl surnamed Ma, and now nearly 1 year old.

She was born as a healthy baby weighted at 3.5kg on the morning of 12 May, and she was so healthy that four and half hours later she was able to jump out of the window on the third floor to safety at the moment when the earth quaked and the building swayed. Sure, the heroic act wasn't due to her own initiative, it was her grandma who tossed her out of the window when the building partially collapsed. She was then caught by a hospital staff named Wang Fei (王飞) on the ground who risked his own life to approach the wall that could collapse on him at the any minute.

That day is also marked on calendar as Nurse's Day, and four doctors and nurses who helped her to arrive in this world by caesarean surgery lost their lives in the disaster hours later.

She was then rescued to another hospital by the PLA army.

While the family is going to celebrate her one-year birthday, they also envisage her one day to become a PLA soldier or a doctor or nurse, the very professions that have saved her life.

(Source of info/photo: 新文化报)

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Twin A: Hi B, you are just the mirror image of me.

Twin B: Hi A, the entire world including you are just the mirror image of my heart.

In China's Hubei Province (湖北), there is Bamboo Stream County (竹溪县); in the county, there is a tiny village called Shuangping (双坪村) located deep within a forest valley 1,700m above sea level; in the village there are 400 people, and among 400 people, there are 11 sets of twins, which means one in every 20 people is a twin, about twice of the world average rate for twin birth.

A phenomenal rise in the number of multiple births is said to be related to infertility treatment or chemical influences. But this little and ancient village has so far not abandoned the traditional organic farming method handed down by their ancestors.

The image shown are twin sisters from Hong Kong who attended the Fifth International Twins Festival held at Black River County (墨江) in Yunnan Province (云南), another land of twins in China.

(Source of photo: 中新社徐向良)

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