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One Year Anniversary of Sichuan Earthquake

12 May 2012

One Year after the Quake:

A memorial tablet in the quake centre Beichuan County Town.

It's a common scene in the disaster areas to see neighbours helping each other building their new homes.

A new house with distinctive Chinese flavour

A new village with strong local feature

new school built through aid and donation

A new hospital built through aid and donation

The local business reopened

Spring has returned to the farmland

Most roads to mountain villages repaired

Highways well maintained

Family life resumed

But many people are unable to build their new home.

These elderly couple have difficulties to complete their new housing project as banks refuse to offer them a loan since they are both over fifty - the age for retirement for female blue collar workers in China.

In some remote pockets of the quake affected area people are still living like refugees due to local governments' non-action.

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