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网上明明有大千, 下网空空无觅处: 网境纯由心造
Computer Fengshui

6 May 2009

In today's world, many people spent more time with their computer than with anyone else in their lives, and the impact of this piece of illusive-world-creation machine on our physical and mental health, and beyond, is enormous. The following is the English translation of some advices posted online by Mr Dong Yilin (董易林), a master at a private I Ching Studio in China (周易研究室,, from Fengshui point of view, which you may find useful in improving (to a certain degree) the situations involving computer related environmental issues:

  • Do not place your computer in your lucky direction, which may prevent your patrons from approaching you;

  • It is better to place your computer on your left side than on the right, as the left is the auspicious position associated with Green Dragon, while the right side is ruled with White Tiger. A tiger should not be constantly disturbed or the consequence might not be very pleasant.

  • Do not let the monitor face your bed. A monitor is like a mirror which could unsettle your sleep with its reversed reality when your yang qi is at its weakest state.

  • Do not place your computer under direct sunlight. Computers are dominated by Fire Agent, and additional Fire influence from the sun could further heat up the situation, which may easily cause quarrels and fights. On the other hand, it is not a good idea either to place your computer at a dim spot as which could suppress Fire Agent, thus your work performance on the computer may suffer.

  • Do not place your computer near water source, as Fire Agent of the computer could be tempered by the Water Agent, which may have undesirable effect on your cardiovascular condition, as heart is Fire while blood is Water.

  • The size of the monitor should match the size of the room. When your monitor is too small, your work could be overlooked by your superiors and colleagues; but an oversize monitor may distance yourself from your workmates and team leaders.

On the whole, the longer you spend your time with your computer, the greater its impact on your life.

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