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The Truth behind the Tiananmen Incident

26 May 2012

The following is the excerpt of online posts penned by YST, a resident in Taiwan Province, and its English translation:

Tiananmen Incident is an unfortunate event. It is unfortunate, because the military force opened fire. If you ask why Chinese authority didn't use other means to address the issue, my answer will be this: China is such a big country with complicated problems, and at the time it was virtually facing a war initiated by the West; any delay in finding a quick solution for the situation would result grave consequences.

Now let's review a few key factors that are not disputed by any parties:

1, Chinese Premier had met the "student leaders" at least once with direct face-to-face communication;

2, Chinese authority declared martial law in May.

3, But students determined to remain in Tiananmen Square and openly called to bring down the government.

No matter what was the initial aim of the student protest, prior to the June 4 1989, the movement had evolved into a full-fledged revolt. It is true that students never thought Chinese army would ever open fire at them [that speaks volumes about the PLA], which was why they dared to challenge the order in the first place. But the "student leaders" were not as innocent and naive as the most students. Chai Lin proclaimed: only after blood be shed the protest will yield any effects.

The students who publicly defied law enforcement received wide acclaim from the external forces, such as the Western media, CIA, Japanese government and the right wing groups in Japan, democracy activists from then British colony Hong Kong, Taiwan government and various other separatist organisations, all spoke in the name of "democracy" and "human rights" but none of them wished to see a united, prosperous and strong China. America's CNN broadcaster live on the progress of the event 24 hours a day from the Tiananmen Square, CIA agents coached the students what is the American-style democracy.

The large amount of fund kept flowing into Beijing from Hong Kong and Taiwan, encouraging the students to stay in the square to withstand a lengthy confrontation with the government. The Hong Kong activists provided free drinks such as cola and orange juice to students, a bottle of which could cost nearly a day's wage of Chinese factory workers of the time. It was like a giant free party, and how many students who originally came to Beijing from poor regions would ever want to leave? [Multipletext: After brought such a huge damage to the political and economic progress in the mainland, these thugs in Hong kong still have the cheek to hold candlelight party each year on this day - they are actually mourning their trashed dream of living a life like Gary Locke, Lee Teng-hui or Wang Jingwen at the expense of their own people.]

The military forces had already entered Beijing CBD to enforce the martial law, but the students had no plan to leave. Under such a situation, what do you expect to happen in the square?

It is so obvious that Chinese government was not actually dealing with the students, but the Americans and pro-West activists from Hong Kong. Americans' objective was to break up China, and Hong Kong activists sought to bring down Chinese government prior to 1997 when the British colony was due to return to China. They would stop at nothing before achieving their goals.

Now ask yourself, could Chinese government [or any other responsible governments] ever accept these demands?

The excerpt of the original Chinese text from some of author's online posts:

「六四事件」是個非常不幸的事件,因為軍隊向示威群眾開槍。如果你要問:有這個必要,用如此激烈的手段解決問題嗎? 我的回答是:中共是大國,就像面對一場戰爭,一切得失是經過仔細計算的。中共領導人顯然認為再拖下去得不償失。




天安門前的學生得到不少國際社會的“同情”,譬如國際媒體、美國中央情報局、日本政府和右翼人士、香港民運人士、台灣政府與各種獨派的勢力,這些勢力沒有一個對中國安好心。 CNN的全球轉播是24小時不停的,美國中央情報局的人員在教導遊行的大學生什麼是「民主」。



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