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A Scholar's Recount of the Tiananmen Incident (3)

31 May 2009

3 The Role of the Hostile External Forces

The situation soon became confrontational. In Beijing and Tsinghua Universities, giant wall posts kept emerging, most signed by overseas intellectuals, calling for overthrowing the Chinese government and restructuring Chinese constitution according to Americans' proposal.

During the students hunger strike, I visited Tiananmen square several times and saw a large number of Western journalists - mainly from the United States - as well as the reporters from Taiwan [it was technically at the war with mainland China by then - Admin]. Once when I tried to get closer to a group of local residents who were reasoning with the students and urging them to end the hunger strike on the square, I was roughly pushed aside by some men carrying camera equipments on their shoulders, shouting aloud with an arrogant expressions in their face, "Out of my way, out of my way, I'm a Taiwan journalist. We need to talk to somebody in the Student Headquarters." When I saw these thug-like jerks indeed squeezed their way into the "headquarters" and held a meeting with the "student leaders", I felt so sick. What was the business of these Taiwan journalists here!

In the evening of June 2nd, I went to the square again and chatted with the students on hunger strike. Some of them were traveled to Beijing from the universities located in the other parts of China, many were amazingly naive but incredibly sincere about their course, and all were distributed leaflets by the "headquarters". When asked what would be their next move, they simply replied that they would just follow the orders of the "student leaders". But can you figure out what their "leaders" were doing at that time? I learned from a reliable source that they were having a dinner at Beijing Hotel with the Journalists from the United States. That moment I felt so sorry for those hungry students sitting on the filthy square.

Two days later, when the students were allegedly shed their blood in the square (the allegation was seriously challenged by all eyewitnesses), the "student leaders" had already disappeared from the mainland of China - they flew to the West that sponsored their actions as pre-arranged. I think nothing is more pathetic and tragic than this.

3 国外各种势力的界入:

随着事态的发展, 北大, 清华, 人大校园里, 攻击党,攻击社会主义制度的大字报不断出现, 接着就开始出现了笔者大都是海外学士们的反华大字报, 什么中国要改变现行的选举制度, 要打倒党中央的领导人, 中国应学美国的选举制度, 中国还处于封建制度下, 不建立民主制度中国没有希望等等, 甚至出现了打倒共产党的文章.

学生绝食时, 我曾去过几次天安门看看事态的发展, 在那里有许多外国记者, 更多的是美国和台湾的记者. 记得一次, 我来到绝食学生的地方, 正有许多前来的北京市民在那里相劝学生不要在天安门广场绝食和学生攀谈. 我很想挤进簇拥着很多人的学生运动指挥中心较近, 听一听学生领袖们在谈论什么, 这时几个男人, 扛这摄影器材, 脸上流露出很傲慢的神情, 边挤边大声说," 让开让开, 我是台湾记者, 我们要和学生运动指挥中心的人见面”, 当他们挤进了学生运动指挥中心, 他们真的在开会了. 我当时感到很不舒服, 这些的台湾记者跑到这里干什么!

就在六四的前两天晚上, 我和许多北京市民一样, 到天安门广场看望静坐的学生们, 他们当中有不少外地跑来的学生, 和他们交谈能够感觉到他们很单纯和充满热情, 他们手中有许多学生运动指挥中心发下来的传单, 问这些学生的下一步的行动, 他们都说听学生运动领导的指挥. 你可知道当时学生运动指挥中心的学生领袖们在干什么? 从一个静坐的小负责人那里得知, 学生领袖们正在和美国记者们在北京饭店吃饭和开会呢! 可怜这些绝食和静坐的学生们啊.

另外, 众所周知, 就在六四那天, 学生们在天安门流血(如果真是事实的话), 几乎所有的学生领袖们却从中国的土地上销声匿迹了, 乘飞机飞往曾支持他们的民主国家了, 想起来真让人觉得可悲.

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