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A Scholar's Recount of the Tiananmen Incident (2)

30 May 2009

2, The Abrupt Changed of the Nature

One day when we were talking about the rallies in the office, a colleague with his wife working at Beijing University bumped into the room and reported that a wall post was found in the campus, which openly attacked the top leaders by names and demanded to change China's political system.

Everyone heard the news was shocked and had a sense of disbelief. One colleague immediately jumped on his bike and rode towards the university. Soon he returned with a copy of the post.

We were quite disturbed by the unexpected development of the event. Our initial inspiration was to help clear the way for the economic reform, and no one wanted to see another revolution to occur in China. That day, after viewing the post, every one became silent and mentioned no more about the rally. All the excitement over the demonstration were lost, and from that day one, no one in the institute ever joined the rally in Tiananmen Square again.

By the time the street rally developed into student hunger strike on the Tiananmen Square, the whole movement quickly lost the wide support from the general public. When seeing the top leaders in the government met with "student representatives" but the latter held a hard line stance and used hunger strike to threaten the authority to meet all their demands, people began to switch sides, since to bring down the government and change the national constitution were not what they wish to happen.


在那全国上下群情激昂的日子了, 大家都很关注党中央的反映和事态的变化, 不少小道消息大家议论着, 这好象成了研究室内每个人谈话的热点. 忽然有一天, 我们室里的一个研究员, 他的妻子在北大任教, 他跑来说北大发现了张小字报, 其内容是直接点名攻击中央的某领导人, 并提出要改变国家政治制度什么的. 记得当时研究室的同志们都很震惊不大相信, 室里有个人干脆骑上自行车直奔北大. 据说, 他看到北大看这张小字报的人挤得水泄不通. 他真还把那张小字报手抄了回来, 大家争相传看, 之后大都是摇头不赞同. 是啊, 我们参加游行是希望中国能够加快提高科学技术水平, 提高人民的生活水平, 把改革开放好好地搞下去, 我们真是不想再搞什么政治运动了.

那天研究室的同志们变得沉默了, 兴奋的心情没有了,人们好像预感到一种不安和忧虑. 从那天起, 研究室里没有人再到天安门广场去游行了.

在事态发展到学生绝食时, 并没有得到社会各界的全面支持, 直到中央领导同志接见学生代表, 大家在电视里看到的是学生代表们用绝食来要求满足一些不切实际的要求, 表现出来的十分强硬态度, 这已经不是广大人民参加游行悼念胡耀邦和反贪官反腐蚀的初衷了. 当时, 人民只想安定团结, 搞经济, 不想反党反对当时的政治制度, 还没有争取民主的强烈意识. 所以在当时, 学生绝食的运动没有得到大多数北京市民的支持, 当然也不会像历史上的五四运动那样, 得到全国各界人士的罢工游行示威得以成功了.

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