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A Chinese Doctor's Advice
on Mexican Swine Flu

4 May 2009

The author of the popular online post The Stories Told by a Chinese Doctor, Doctor 池草, recently offered a prescription for the flu originated in Mexico:

My personal suggestion: If you've experienced flu symptom accompanied by abdominal pain, vomiting and digestive system problems, you may like to consider the subscription detailed in classic Treatise on Febrile Diseases (《伤寒论》):

Febrile Diseases: heat sensation in chest, destructive qi in stomach, abdominal pain, constant feeling of nausea. Take coptis root soup.


1) coptis root 150g;
2) liquorice 150g (grilled);
3) dried ginger 150g;
4) cassia twig (skinned off);
5) ginseng 100g;
6) tuber pinellia 500g;
7) Chinese Dates 20 (cut into pieces).


Place the ingredients in a pot, add 2.5kg water, cook until there is only about 60 percent of liquid left.

Drink the soup when it is warm, 3 times during the day and 2 times at night.

Important: Please consult your doctor before using this prescription.

Original Chinese post by Doctor 池草:


伤寒。胸中有热,胃中有邪气,腹中痛,欲呕吐者,黄连汤主之。方三十五。黄连(三两) 甘草(三两,炙) 干姜(三两) 桂枝(三两,去皮) 人参(二两) 半夏(半升,洗) 大枣(十二枚,擘)



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(Source of info/photos: 王定昶 from 新华社)

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