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Health Advice (1)
by an Anonymous Chinese Doctor

3 May 2009

These is the English translation of some of the health advices summarised from Traditional Chinese Medicine and posted online in Chinese by an anonymous Chinese doctor:

Yin-yang and Five Agents:

  • Exercise nourishes yang, meditation nourishes yin. Yin is the foundation of yang, yang is the utility of yin. (运动可以生阳;静坐可以生阴。阴为阳之母,阳为阴之用)

  • Excitement burns our heart which is dominated by Fire; Anger strikes our liver which is dominated by Wood; sorrow wounds our lung which is dominated by Metal; sex weakens our kidney which is dominated by Water; digestion exhausts our stomach which is dominated by Earth, anxiety damages our spleen which is also dominated by Earth.

Energy and Channels:

  • While blood is a substance-based visible energy, qi is an information-based invisible energy.

  • When our energy circulation is obstructed and clogs up at some certain spots, tumours or even cancers would develop.

  • Efficient channels are developed from two foundations: a tranquil mind and a serene heart.

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A China Island

Nanpeng Islands (南鹏列岛) situate in Yangjiang Township (阳江市), Guangdong Province (广东, Canton) in the southern tip of China, only accessible by boat which can be hired with about 600 yan (about AU$100).

The main island of Nanping measures 1.69 km2, with beaches at the south and cliffs in the north.

It is a rare piece of land in China that is, by and large, without footprint of man.

(Source of info/photos:

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