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A Tibetan's Voice (3)

31 March 2009

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Yesterday Uncle Jinjin and some of our villagers came to Chengdu to do shopping for their families. When seeing me, uncle Jinjin asked me if I had any news about Serou, since Serou hasn't contacted his family for quite a while and they are worried for his safety. I swallowed my tears down my throat into stomach and told him what are said by the Western media. Uncle Jinjin didn't get angry, initially, just said: Tibetan people won't forget how much help we've received from our country. This time we Tibetans have embarrassed our nation due to the terrible things did by some of our folks; as for our kids who played a part in the riot, we will deal with them most severely as they should deserve. Eventually Uncle Jinjin broke down, weeping, and said: Serou and those kids are unscrupulous and disgraceful. Last year the government spent a large amount of money to treat goitre disease for Tibetans, and in our villages many people have been cured. Even sheep would know how to show gratitude to those who are nice to them, are we Tibetan people more stupid than animals?

Now let me tell you white skinned Westerners what the genuine human rights is. I only need to give you one example and that would be good enough to gag your foul mouth. Last year the chief of Aba Prefecture went to Chengdu to raise money for goitre disease treatment and returned Aba with a group of doctors. The government took Tibetans' proud into consideration, and instead of asking the patients to go to hospital, the doctors were quietly sent to each patient's home. When the patients wanted to pay for the treatment, the doctors declined, and said, we were told to give you free treatment so you can return to work and make your contribution to our nation.

You see that? And that is the difference between Chinese style human rights and that of your Westerners. When you guys help the poor, the last thing you want is that nobody knows what you are doing. But have you ever poised for a moment to consider the feelings of the people who received your help? [Nope, that is not your style!] You only make them feel they are so poor that they are helpless and worthless. But our government would simply say "please get well and help us to build this country", which means we are not helpless and hopeless lot, but so important to the nation. That really have boosted we Tibetans self confidence.

You Westerners like to brag what a good education system you have, and laugh how backward the education situation is in Tibet, and blame the problem on the Chinese government. Now let me tell you who ought to be blamed.

Over the decades, the government has built many schools in Tibetan regions, and people of other ethnic background also have raised funds for Good Hope Program [to build school through donation]. You may ask, if this is the case, why so many Tibetans are illiterate? Well, you will need to ask Dalai Lama for the answer. He exploits old Tibetans' devotion to religion to keep us in ignorance: each Lama monastery has built a school where kinds learn nothing but Lamaism; the little lamas are not even allowed to learn Chinese. Why don't you condemn Dalai Lama for taking away the rights of many Tibetans kids to receive decent modern education?

Yesterday I read an article titled Fled Tibet with My Life, in which the author tells how barbaric we Tibetans are. But let me say something to the author: as a Chinese, you did not try to understand what ordinary Tibetans would think but only listen to the words of lamas, and then you made a big story about the riot. I think if I go to interview bin Laden, he would not self introduced as a terrorist, but would tell me that he and his people are prosecuted by the world and that leaves them with no choice but to fight back. To be honest, for someone like you who praise lama killers and criminal gangs, we only regret you did not die in the riot. We Tibetans are warm people with hot blood, we treat our friends with respect, but to those who try to stir troubles among us, we won't hesitate to show them our iron fists.

I am just a high school graduate, but still, I can read well, so I know anyone who fights for the rights and happiness of his people will not purposely do something to hurt his community, but that is exactly what Dalai Lama does. For regain his power over us, he would let his men burn our shops, destroy our homes and kill our people, and we don't believe a man so merciless would bring happiness and freedom to us. Yes, we are fighting, not against the government, but those violent insurgents; and we are welcoming the presence of, not Dalai Lama, but the PLA and Chinese police.

I can tell you guys frankly, that in my hometown, the young Tibetan men are patrolling the area at night, and whenever they see someone trying to make trouble to our country, we would beat him flat out, regardless whether he is a Tibetan or not!








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