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A Tibetan's Voice (2)

31 March 2009

A Tibetan's Voice (1)

Now I have a few words to say to our international friends!

I know, you are friends of my mates and they recommended you to visit

In China, we ethnic Tibetans enjoy the same rights as other ethnic groups, and probably more. You heard the stories that Chinese government is inhumane, that there haven been no progress made in Tibet, and that Tibetans are abused and all Tibetans want to take part in the uprising. Tell you what, don't believe these. Why? Because what I have experienced is quite different:

- Tibet is one of the first regions in China where residents don't have to pay tax.

- In my hometown, 70 percent are Tibetans but just a few with sinister political ambitions who seek independence, that is about 1 in every 4,000 people. Those troublemakers are viewed by the locals as nothing but scoundrels. You are civilised people, I guess you wouldn't like to help scoundrels who are despised in their own community. I sincerely hope you don't be fooled by them.

- The average income of Tibetan people is above the average level in China. In my hometown, on average each household owns 40 yaks and 100 sheep, and through trading with wool and herbal medicine materials, an average family earns more than 20,000 yuans a year. On the contrary, Dalai Lama and his hatchmen only know how to use religion as a tool to intimidate or decoy Tibetan people to hand their assets to them.

- Tibetan people have not been prosecuted for the riot, those who were arrested by the police are the treasons and criminals. I believe in your country the police would do exactly the same, wouldn't they? In fact, our police tried very hard not to use force, even after some policemen were killed by the mobs. It is the ordinary people in China, including the Tibetans, who could take no more, and demand the government to crack down the criminal gangs. I believe my mates now in overseas will not dispute this fact.

Now let me say a few words to Dalai Lama.

Hi, Dalai, what haven't you done for us so far? You took away the money that we saved for purchasing cattle, and you are trying to rob us of our happiness.

You said, we Tibetans need freedom, need independence, so we rioted.

Dalai, don't take yourself so seriously. You reckon all Tibetans view you as their spiritual leader? You are wrong. Tibetans are humans too, and we can tell who are nice to us and who have been exploitative. You think we will stand by you? You are wrong again. Take 3.14 riot, how many Tibetans took part in? It was less than a thousand people in Lhasa, and in the whole Tibetan region, the number of people who participated could not exceed 10,000, which means only 1 in every 3,000 Tibetans are your followers. There is no need for bringing military forces, since we Tibetans alone can drown you in the flow of our mouth water. You are shameless when you claimed to be the next Chairman Mao. That's insult you know, because unlike Chairman Mao, you have no general support from your people.

Haven't you noticed your influence in Tibet becomes weaker and weaker now? Ask yourself how many young Tibetans still believe you. Tell you the truth, we view you as a monkey in a circus, you perform in street for a few coins thrown to you by the passers-by. We Tibetans feel so ashamed of you.

Now I would like to say to my mates, Seruo, Zhuoda, Dunzhu ...

Let me say this to you, you have already violated Chinese law and basic moral principles. The government may decide not to charge you for your crimes, but we will never forgive you. If you keep acting in this way, tell you what, I'll wait you in Chengdu, and I will finish you off on my own. Your parents have phoned me, they are worrying whether you are doing okay since they haven't heard anything from you for more than half a year. I didn't tell them you have become the hatchmen of Dalai Lama, otherwise they will kill you themselves. You could contribute tremendously to our country, but you chose a different path. Listen to me, you will pay with your life for that.

You changed your phone numbers, so I can't contact you now, but I know you log on to this forum often, so I hope you can read my words, and give yourselves up to the authority. Otherwise, your family, your townsmen and your friends won't let you get away with it, 'cause you make we Tibetans look like violent criminals. Do you know each time when I hear others talking about Tibetan riot, I feel want to cry.

My dear mates, please stop your terrorist activities!




- 西藏是最早取消赋税的地区之一

- 中国的其他民族并没有看不起藏族人民,他们把我们当作兄弟.

- 藏族人民从心里感谢共产党,感谢国家。并没有所谓的藏族人民都起义要求独立一说,我家乡70%均为藏族人,可只出了以上几个有政治野心的人,比例为4000/1,这些人在我们的家乡被成为流氓。你们都是文明的人,崇尚自由的人,我想你们不会去帮助一个连自己民族都唾弃的流氓,希望你们不要被蒙蔽了。

- 藏人并不贫困,藏人的人均收入高于中国大多数地区,在我的家乡平均每家有40头牛100只羊,每年买牛羊及牛毛,羊毛,药材等收入超过10万人民币。人均2万左右,只是家乡的人民崇尚宗教文化,并被达赖分子利用百姓的宗教信仰以半强迫的发方式将其搜刮作为叛乱经费。

- 藏族人在这次暴乱中没有被镇压,叛乱份子只是被武警,警察等以国际惯例将其收监,对袭警的叛乱份子,实行强制抓捕,我想在贵国也是这样吧,警察执行公务被打,我想也会强制执行吧?然而我们的人民警察却一忍再忍,直到被打死也没有对他们开枪,导致包括藏族人在内的中国人民,强烈要求政府以强制镇压这件事情。可政府到现在还对他们实行说服政策。我相信我的兄弟不会否认以上几点,请让他们解释以上的事情。




现在你的势力越来越弱,你自己没察觉到吗?还有多少年轻人在你相信你?还有多少人在信任你?你的所做所为我们都把他看成是在表演杂耍,你在当藏族人的猴子吗?我的活佛!你在世界上表演,人家给了你几块钱?你丢了我们 的人呀!你一丢人,我们还怎么信任你?我们不可能信任一个猴子,你知道吗?

告我的兄弟色若,卓达,顿珠 ..... 我告诉你们,你们的行为已经触犯了中国的法律,触犯了中国人的道德底线,上次政府已经原谅了你们。可我们不会原谅你,你要还那样,我在成都等你,不用其他人动手,我会弄死你的,你的父母给了我电话,说你们现在已经半年多没有和家里联系了,他们担心你们,我没告诉他们你们已经成了达赖的走狗,我怕你的父母会杀了你。也许你们也能成为中国的栋梁,但你这样做,你会死的,你的兄弟不是懦弱的人,我理智,我能看清楚谁才真正配领导我们藏族人走向富强,让我华夏民族屹立在世界之巅。



A Tibetan's Voice (3)

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A Ghost Cave
in Chongqing

Recently a so-called "Ghost Cave" was discovered in Chongqing's Longevity District (长寿葛兰镇). It is a dark world ruled by bats, where among the stalactites in various creepy and eerie shapes and forms, there are numerous underground rivers and bridges across the streams, as well as piles and piles of bones from humans and animals scattered here and there.

The cave entrance, measured only about 1m high, is hidden behind a dense bamboo grove. Last month a small band of brave locals armed with torches and strings explored the grotto. At some points they found themselves in a space as large as a soccer field with 50m distance from ceiling to floor, while in other sections, they had to claw their way through the narrow corridors. However, after three hours of difficult journey, still they could not detect the end of the tunnel and had to return to the ground for safety reason.

The further exploration of this ghostly hidden world by professionals is expected. So stay tuned.

(Source of info & photo: 重庆商报)

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