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Chairman Mao's Prophecies

6 April 2009

After three decades of hard work by some Chinese and many non-Chinese people who try to portray him as a devil incarnation by exposing his alleged "untold story" which is so dark or supposed "private life" that is so filthy, China's late leader Chairman Mao has become more popular than ever in China.

"We all know that Mao was evil and the biggest mass murderer in history", a Chinese woman and her British husband conclude.

However, the conclusion apparently is wrong, and very wrong, as millions of millions of people in China clearly do not know that - it is not because no one ever told them the "untold story", but because they regard those story-tellers as blatant liars or despicable individuals who have been "programmed" by their Western masters.

During this Tomb Sweeping Festival, around 30,000 people, old and young, traveled to Mao's birth village, Shaoshan, to pay their tributes, which is a 50 percent increase from last year's figure.

Across Chinese cyber space, new websites dedicated to Mao keep emerging, and among them there is one article that tells of some amazing prophecies made by Mao. Here is the part of it:

  • 25 July 1916, Mao said: a Sino-Japan War is unavoidable within 20 years.

On 7 July 1937, Japanese invasion army opened fire in Lugou Bridge in outskirts of Beijing and launched their full scale war against China, which lasted for 8 years until their unconditional surrender in the end of the WWII.

  • 21 July 1919, Mao said: French will have a big headache.

20 years late, Hitler's Germany forced France to sign an armistice treaty in the same carriage in which the 1918 Armistice was signed when Germany was defeated.

  • 28 July 1919, Mao said: Japan and Germany will pose a real danger for the whole world.

The true "evil" axis that include Japan and Germany initiated the World War II by occupying Beijing in 1937 and invading Poland in 1939.

  • May 1936, Mao said: China War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression will take seven to eight years to bring victory.

It eventually took eight years to drive out Japanese army and force its emperor to declare a total surrender.

  • October 1938, Mao said: British Prime Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain will be backfired by making secret deals with Hitler.

In the end Chamberlain wasn't able to keep Britain safe from Hitler's ambition but only ended his own political life.

  • 23 September 1939, Mao said: America under President Theodore Roosevelt will join the WWII.

Two years later America declared war against the "evil axis" after Pearl Harbor attack by Japanese.

  • 2 July 1942, Mao said: Once the second front in Europe is opened, it only needs a year to defeat Nazi Germany.

The second front was opened in June 1944, and Germany surrendered on May 1945.

  • 13 August 1945, Mao said: There will be no nuclear war in the world.

So far so good.

  • 9 December 1946, Mao said: Hong Kong's problems can be resolved through negotiation.

50 years later, Hong Kong returned China through peaceful resolution.

Look what has happened in China today.

  • September 1949, Mao said: The United States will try to alter China's path by way of "peaceful evolution".

It is still going on right now ...

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