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A Chinese 007
2009年第一牛剧 - 化小我为大我, 化大我为无我

14 April 2009

One of the hottest topics at the moment in the West is about Chinese spies; and one of the hottest topics at the moment in China is also about Chinese spies. A 30-episode TV drama titled Lurk (《潜伏》) emerges as one of the most popular series on Chinese television. And when it is one of the most popular in China, you know what it means - given the size of the total population, it could well be one of the most popular in the world.

The reason for its success is said to be multi-folded, which includes a superb storyline, insightful and humorous dialogues, outstanding performance by the leading actor and his supporting team ... and, the uplifting message it has delivered, which is about love and about faith. It is not just about romantic loves between a man and three women, not at all about a blind faith in an unknown external force, but a big love for one's fellow citizens and a firm faith in shared humanity, for that Chinese 007s are willing and ready to sacrifice their own romance and lives. A humble existence with heroic deeds as such brings so many tears to the eyes of so many Chinese youth, and brings them out of spiritual isolation.

"There is a defeat that is called taking it over; there is a victory that is called letting it go (有一种胜利叫撤退,有一种失败叫占领)," a quote from Lurk.

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Chinese Spies in the West

Lately there are serious allegations about Chinese agents secretly spying on the important Western personnel and organizations. Chinese government rejected the charges out right. However, we do have hard evidences to prove the accusations made by poor and helpless Western victims are all true, and the following are some of the evidences we collected online:

A Chinese 007 gazing you in your bath tub

A smug tongue-poking Chinese 007 beside your wash basin

A grinning Chinese 007 on the wall

A group of talking Chinese 007s discuss next conspiracy against the innocent snow white Westerners who have never heard spying business before

A smiling Chinese 007 in your car that would lead you to a wrong direction

A red 007 in your jacket passing message to Chinese government

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