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Cosmic Rays & Fengshui
- The Story Told by A Chinese Doctor (7)

30 April 2009

1) Greeting at Ghost Gate
2) Pulse Reading
3) Doctor and Fate
4) Cosmic Rays
5) Cosmic Rays & Epidemics
6) Tianjin Epidemic 1940

7) Cosmic Rays & Feng Shui

We all know, the realm where we live in is the yang world, and the domain where spirits dwell is the yin world. In fact, this world though dominated by yang force, it also has shadowy aspects of yin; and that yin world, though overwhelmed with yin energy, it also contains yang force.

Let's imagine humans as hot water, while spirits are liquid oxygen. If liquid oxygen is located too close to hot water, it would be evaporated, although the temperature of the hot water would also drop a bit. That is why the shadowy beings will not dare to draw near to those possessing strong yang energy (vitality and vigour), as they could be destroyed if they do. On the other hand, the yang force in some people is rather weak, and to these people, they would have more chance to encounter shadowy beings.

However, the temperature of the hot water can change over the time. If you reckon you have a very high temperature and hence can afford to temper with liquid oxygen as frequent as you so wish, sooner or later you will find your temperature is lowered dramatically and by then it could well be too late for you to save the situation. Confucian once said: "Let's respect the shadowy beings but keep a distance from them." This shall be a very wise advice.

Chinese traditionally call tombs as yin houses, and believe if a deceased are buried at a spot that can receive beneficial cosmic rays and absorb valuable nourishment from the earth, the effects on the offspring of the deceased will be very positive. Thus the knowledge and discipline on how to best utilize yin houses were developed, which is dubbed Yin Fengshui, the very foundation of Yang Fengshui (often just called fengshui).

My ancestors were mainly relocated to the inland region in Shandong Province from southern coastal area about centuries ago; later they were joined by other relatives from further north. Now we have an extended big family of over a thousand people in Shandong.

At the time when my grandfather was just a child, a strange phenomenon occurred in our extended family that almost all the female members would contract an eye disease called glaucoma when they reached middle age. Now we consider this kind of illness as genetic disease, but in the past Chinese would explore its cause much further.

The chief of our extended family spent fortune to hire a renowned fengshui master from other part of China to examine our family cemetery. After days of hard work on the site, the master told the chief that we had buried our ancestors at the wrong spot which was the reason for all the female members to develop eye problems. He then helped us to find a more auspicious graveyard. After a solemn ceremony, the remains of our ancestors were moved into their new yin residence. Since then (you can call it co-incidence if you like), no women in our extended family have ever got this disease again.

Wind (feng in Chinese) is the substance swinging in the heaven and water (shui 水 in Chinese) is the matter shifting on the earth; and in my view, the so-called fengshui is just a subject about the geomagnetic field make-up constituted by its particular land configuration and topographic form, and the capacity for a certain locality on the planet to attract, absorb and deposit certain rays from the cosmos. Maybe a unique combination of a geomagnetic field and cosmic rays had some specific effects on the DNA of our ancestors' remains that was powerful enough to alter the genetic sequences of their living descendents.

Excerpt of original Chinese text by 池草









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A Daring Sky Walker

On Saturday, 25 April 2009, Chinese sky walker Saimaiti Aishan (赛买提·艾山) traveled across a ravine more than 400m deep on a steel wire rope 32mm in diameter. After about 1 hour plus 7 minutes journey he successfully arrived at other side of the gorge located in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province.

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On the same day in the same park, this little warrior though did not bother to move an inch in space, seemingly had managed to cruise the world by an illusive boat illustrated on the floor.

(Source of info/photo: 王新, 龙弘涛, 新华社)

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