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Cosmic Rays & Epidemics
- The Story Told by A Chinese Doctor (5)

23 April 2009

1) Greeting at Ghost Gate
2) Pulse Reading
3) Doctor and Fate
4) Cosmic Rays

5) Cosmic Rays & Epidemics

shaoqibo (a forum post viewer commented on 8 January 2009):

According to the theory of Five Circles Six Qis, 2009 is the year of Great Wood with Celestial Talisman (太乙天符年), which indicates we may face the threat of epidemics.

池草 (author of the post replied on 10 January 2009):

That's right. And we'll need to pay particular attention to our food and drinking water during the period between 20 March and 20 May to avoid infections of the digestive system.

Modern medicine believes that epidemics are highly infectious diseases transmitted between humans and/or between humans and animals through particular viruses, which could result a devastating number of deaths in the population. The outburst of epidemic recurs periodically. Take pandemic of influenza, it seems to appear in every 20 to 40 years, and the latest incident was the so-called Hong Kong flu in 1968 and 1969 which was caused by Type A/H3N2 and claimed around 750,000 lives worldwide.

The worst of all is that each time when the treatment for a certain type of epidemic disease was discovered, the variation of the disease would emerge to cause a new round of epidemic. Simply put, since you don't know who would turn up at your door, you have no way to prepare yourself for the attack. As such the problem with epidemics has accompanied mankind through its history, and presents the biggest challenge to the medical practitioners and researchers.

Speaking of epidemics, however, we will have to admire the achievements accomplished in the field by the ancient Chinese medicine masters. A comprehensive system of epidemic prevention and treatment was established since the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.–220 A.D.) and kept improving over the next two thousand years. Comparing historical data between China and the West, we'll see the infection rates of the disease, morbidity rates among the effected, recovery rates of the patients and the death toll were much lower than that in the West during the same periods.

You may ask how did Traditional Chinese Medicine actually deal with the epidemics. To answer this question we'll need to return to the theory of Five Circles Six Qis. We know by examining the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches we can determine the proportion and intensity of various cosmic rays, as well as their effects on human health. During a certain period of time, a special combination of the rays may reduce human immune function, while at the same time cause the alteration of rival genetic properties, which makes some certain group of people become more susceptible to a particular type of virus infection. Liu Zhongyuan (773—819) of Song Dynasty once observed that "Epidemics are more frequent in southern China among those overworked and poorly-nourished (南方多疫,劳者先死)", which articulated the relationship between epidemics, climate and human immune system.

shaoqibo 2009-1-8


池草 2009-1-10




那么,传统医学是怎么认识瘟疫的呢?之前我们简单讲过四柱和五运六气学说对不对?我们知道通过对天干地支的数据分析能够推算出宇宙射线对人体的影响,在某些特别的时期,宇宙射线的变化,造成了人体某种功能的衰弱和免疫能力的降低,这个特殊时期渡过之后,人体的免疫力就会得到恢复。与此同时,某种早已存在的细菌或病毒也受到宇宙射线的影响产生变异。所以新的病菌有机会入侵虚弱的人体,从而导致发病。因为大家都有受宇宙射线的影响啊,所以很多人会得同样的病。有些人身体强壮免疫力好,宇宙射线的变化不足以对他造成影响,是不会被感染的。有些人虽然很虚弱,但是没有接触到那种特别的细菌病毒,也不会得病,如果身体虚弱、又刚好接触到了致病菌,就会被感染了。这就是传染的道理。所以柳宗元在《永州龙兴寺息壤记行文》里有“南方多疫,劳者先死”有这样的话 — 在唐朝,身体素质和免疫力有关的知识,已经被我国知识分子所熟知。

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Brilliant Outburst of Unsuppressed Optimism

While the entire Beichuan county town was destroyed beyond the repair in the deadly Sichuan earthquake last year, life has found its way to express its remarkable resilience, and it is expressed in the most beautiful way: flaming red flowers blossom in spring 2009 around the ruins.

(Source of info/photo: 新华社记者 肖春飞)

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