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Chinese Medicine & Cosmic Ray
- The Story Told by A Chinese Doctor (4)

23 April 2009

1) Greeting at Ghost Gate
2) Pulse Reading
3) Doctor and Fate

4) Chinese Medicine & Cosmic Rays

When talking about fate, it is inevitable to mention about fortune telling; and when mentioning about fortune telling, it is inevitable to refer to the 60 Digits (甲子数).

By matching 10 Heavenly Stems (representing the influence from time) with 12 Earthly Branches (signifying the impact of space), we'll get 60 pairs of codes. The maximum human life span is 120 years, and very few people can really live to that age, but in China the largest unit to measure time is 69120 years, which is called one Time Circle ().

In solar system, it takes 180 years for all nine major planets to pass one another, while a circle in space can be divided into 64 graphs () in Eight Trigrams, and each graph can be further divided into 6 lines (). If we multiply 180 by 64 and by 6, we'll get 69120.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, there is a theory called Five Circles and Six Qis (五运六气), which explores the relationship between the illness and the variations in the cosmic-ray exposure following the change of time.

Many people sneer at the notion of having invisible forces. Nice try, but don't give me that bullshit - they would say and demand - where are the cosmic rays, how come I've never seen it! But have you ever sitting in the scorching sun, with the hot rays powerful enough to burn into your skin, which not only gives you a wonderful tan but a terrible risk for getting skin cancer? The hot rays in question are no other but cosmic rays. In the vast cosmos, our sun is just a tiny dot; there are countless stars with a size and force much greater than the sun. How potent the cosmic rays can be? Just picture it!

It is precisely according to the scale and intensity of the various cosmic rays that reached the specific location at the moment when an individual was born, that Chinese fortune masters sketch the path of that individual's destiny.*

If you were touched by the cosmic rays from the Celestial Medicine Star (天医星) at the time of your birth, for instance, you are more likely to be swayed to a life with a close association to medical practice. It doesn't necessarily mean that you shall become a doctor, though; it could also mean you are more prone to illness thus become a frequent patient of doctors.

* Multipletext: As for why an individual would be born at the moment when a particular combination of the cosmic rays reaches that particular spot, according to Buddhist point of view, it is all due to the inertial impact built from that individual's unique personal property accumulated from his previous incarnations in various forms.

Excerpt of original Chinese text by 池草

4, 天医星



太阳系九大行星交汇一次是180年,一个圆周有六十四卦,每卦6爻,这样就是180 x 64 x 6 = 69120。




5) Cosmic Rays & Epidemics

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A 600-year Old Bridge
Made of Tree

The photos of the bridge at Five Lucks Village (五福村) in An County (安县), Sichuan Province, were taken on 21 April 2009, nearly a year after the deadly earthquake measuring 8 on the Richter scale. Built 600 years ago during the early Ming Dynasty, the bridge, 3.5m tall, 4m wide and 18m in total length, is constructed entirely with logs and wooden plates.

The bridge entrance

(Source of info & photos: 何俊昌,

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