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Paper Tiger's Paper Terrorism

18 March 2009

America federal prosecutors revealed on 6 March that four members of an anti-American-government organization were arrested on 5 March 2009 on charges including money laundering, tax evasion and weapons possession.


The four men are believed by American authority as "paper terrorists", as they belong to an group called Sovereign Movement which allegedly attempts to overthrow American government through "paper terrorism". "The arrests in Las Vegas on Thursday capped a three-year investigation into the group's activities led by the Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force, U.S. Attorney for Nevada Greg Brower said.

美国官方宣称此四人为纸上恐怖份子, 属于一叫做主权运动的组织,该组织涉嫌有通过“纸上恐怖运动”推翻美国政府的企图。内画达检察长格里格.捕郎说周四的逮捕是内画达反恐怖特别工作组对该恐怖组织长达三年的调查的结果。

One of the man is named Davis who was described by the prosecutors as a national leader in the paper terrorist organization Sovereign Movement, whose members believe government licenses, taxes and currency are invalid. Another man Rice is said to be a lawyer and rabbi who devoted to anti-American-government teaching, according to American authorities.


Davis and Rice pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas late on 6 March. Another two accused, Call and Lindsey, are due to appear in court later. Authorities have no idea if the four have lawyers.


Brower's office claims Lindsey is a retired FBI agent, and that he and Call are leaders of the Nevada Lawmen Group for Public Awareness, a group affiliated with the Sovereign Movement.


Call is accused of possessing an unregistered machine gun, as well as parts designed to convert manual firearms into automatic weapons.


(Source of info: APP)

Comments over the news by Chinese viewers at



It's soooo much easier for some people to strip off fake facade by themselves.



Americans are indeed hard working people, just shortly after the new year, they've already begun to prepare materials for China's White Paper on America's human rights record in 2009.


Release the political prisoners!



If I'm not mistaken I believe the United States has publicly demanded China to allow anti-government organizations to remain active in China? Please do the same.

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Paper Tiger Bites

American army has invaded the sovereign state Iraq and killed local kids

With the news revealed that the American authority has recently arrested four anti government dissidents, some Chinese "angry youths" both at home and overseas become very angry, demanding Chinese government to tell America that the Chinese government expects Washington to negotiate with the Sovereign Movement representatives on a durable solution for "paper defy movement" in the United States.

"The statements by the Chinese Netizens send an unequivocal message that the China expects the American government to negotiate sincerely with the Sovereign Movement,” said a Chinese in America who does not wish to have his name revealed in fear of being harassed by FBI or CIA. "The Chinese government should have reminded American leaders that their vision for a harmonious China-U.S. relationship will not materialize until they deal with Sovereign Movement leaders."

"Chinese government must urge America to reconsider its policies in Sovereign Movement that have created tensions due to their harmful impact on American rabbi devotees' culture and livelihoods,” said some Chinese. “We urge the American Government to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Sovereign Movement in a sustained effort to craft a permanent and just solution that protects the rights and dignity of all Sovereign Movement members.”

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