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A Tibetan's Voice

31 March 2009

The following is the excerpt and English translation of a post appeared on Chinese forum "" penned by an Internet ID 无敌哥:

My home is in Aba Prefect in Sichuan Province, where most residents belong to the ethnic minority of Tibetan and Qiang. I am a Tibetan. If you doubt my identity, you can check my ID card, the number is 51322219*****0473.

Serou, Zhuoda, Dunzhu, you guys come to this forum quite often, and I would like to say this to you here: you've forgotten what your parents taught you -- it's a basic human decency to appreciate the help we received. Do you still remember what Grandpa Dendeng told us? If you can't, let me remind you then.

Grandpa said that after the liberation, we Tibetans were no longer the serfs, the government gave us cattle, grazing lands, and house distributed from the exiled lords. Later, the PAL came to build the road for us so we can travel to Lhasa. It was a very dangerous job and Grandpa said the PLA had to explode the rocks to get through. One day, the stones from the explosion fell and buries 17 soldiers, all died. The PLA brought us salt and tea, for free, and just told us that they were sent by the government. The locals carried barley leaves to the PLA, saying the trucks worked so hard and they must felt quite hungry. The soldiers didn't feed leaves to trucks of course, instead, they left the trucks to us, for free. No longer afterwards, the news came that the road had been built to Lhasa and we could all visit there by bus.

Later, we encountered sever drought and snowstorm, caused the death of a large number of cattle. At the time when we were all in despair, we learned from the local government that the trucks with relief goods had already departed from Chengdu. Initially we did not believe that could be true. But a couple of days later, the trucks really arrived loaded with food and quilts and all other things that we needed. The villagers knelt on the ground and bowed, not to the heavens, not to Dalai Lama, but to the government, to the CCP, and to Chairman Mao.

Now I would like to ask you, Serou, who arranged to have electricity connected your home and installed the satellite TV system for your family? Who built the healthcare centre for us, and who sent the doctors to our village? Who covered the cost of the construction of our roads? Who installed our phone line? Who are paying for the schooling fees of our younger brothers and sisters? Who brought relief goods to us when we were hit by natural disasters? That year our village was struck by a mudslide which ruined Miermier's house, I ask you, who built the new house form him? Now you studied overseas, and you think you are doing so well, don't you? Do you still remember Professor Zhang at Sichuan University? Do you still recall it is him who footed the bill for you to go overseas? Now ask yourself, what have you been done to our country? How do you expect your family and your supporters to view you?

Are we still poor? You know, we are not; just Dalai Lama's hatchmen are still being exploitative. They sit in the temple and self-claim to be Living Buddhas and touch the believers' heads then the believers sold their cattle and send the money to the lamas. The government thought we were poor, so we are told we don't need to pay tax. But what we've done? We give the money to the lamas, and then turn to the government for help. Have the government ever said a thing about that? Nope. It only says, okay, we respect your unique ethnic religious faith.

Have anyone ever suppressed you, or prosecuted you? No one. So let me tell you this, what you've done is really spiteful.


色若,卓达,顿珠,你们几个都是经常来铁血的,你们几个的言论已经忘记了你的父母给你们的教导 -- 受人之恩,报人之情。还记得耿登阿米(爷爷)给我们说的故事吗?如果你忘记我可以提醒你一下。







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Celebration of Liberation
from Dalai Lama's Serfdom

On Saturday, 28 March 2009, Tibetans celebrated the day when 1 million serfs were freed from Dalai Lama's brutal and dictatorial god-king style rule 50 years ago.

A Tibetan elderly

A Tibetan young man

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