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The Annual Spring Excursion

23 March 2009

Each year when spring arrives, many people love to take a day trip to national park or other natural environment for spring excursion, some with abundant time and money to spare may tour the world to further explore the season.

During this time, Dalai Lama's lama government in India would also organize a spring outing for the former serf owners and their descendants in exile. What's quite unique with these guys is they prefer to tour around Chinese embassies and consulates in various key locations on the planet. Once arrived, they would put a sombre expression while hovering around the compounds like a bunch of lost souls from Town of Quitters in Hell or a group of homeless dogs scavenging leftovers in urban space, and let the world know how much their sensitive feelings were hurt on the anniversaries, such as 10 March, the day they or their parents ran away from their parents 50 years ago; and on 28 March, the day their family lost their serfs and slaves 50 years ago.

The celebration is often theatrical, mixed with a lot of tears and plenty of laughers, and always tears first (when the performers were surrounded by media cameras) and laughter later (once media gone). According to a first hand witness account, an ethnic Tibetan woman in charge of International Tibet Movement appeared to be so distressed before the camera lens to the point she was about to pass out, but minutes after the media left, she laughed happily and chatted cheerfully with her mates as if nothing had ever happened. Why not, job was done, money was earned.

The problem is there are too many Chinese embassies and consulates in this world, while too few people participated in the excursion, so they tour major embassies on different date, which is why the anniversary calls normally do not take place on the anniversary days.

The following is an eyewitness review of the annual spring performance by some Tibetans in exiles (Source: 凤凰网):





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Spring Arrives in Lhasa

The spring pool with the Potala Palace in the background

A boy walks by the pool with his reflection in the water

Peach flowers blossom, with the colour echoing the paint on the walls of the distance palace

Kids play on the lawn before the palace.

(Original photos: 新华社记者 黄深钢 摄)

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