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Three French Men
假作真时真亦假, 无为有处有还无

6 March 2009

Three French men, an alcoholic, a thief and a gay - walk down a street in Paris and hit by a van from an auction house. When they met God they were told that in His holy opinion they should all go to hell, but still he is willing to help them to return to life if they can quit their biggest earthly sins.

Three men all agree, and are once again walking down the street in Paris like nothing has happened.

After a short while, the alcoholic spots a bar and thinks: wouldn't it be nice to have just one more drink. Poof! He goes straight to hell.

So the thief and the gay walk on down the street in Pairs. After another short while, the thief finds a $360 million dollar cheque laying on the ground and bends over to pick it up. Poof! The gay goes straight to hell ...




(No comments about gay, but do think when a thief is proud of being an extortionist, he deserves to go to Avici Hell and stay there, 求出无期!)

神偷老屁儿: 俺原想,耗子情人会打洞, 能销桩; 没成想,偷米不着蚀只鸡, 煞可气。看来俺也是兔子尾巴长不了啦,先过把嘴瘾再说吧:


Hi, you, dare you not let me take your toothbrush, you are so anti-freedom; dare you not let me keep your toothbrush, you are soooo anti-equal rights; dare you not to let me put your toothbrush into my mouth, you are soooooooo anti-love... you moron!

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Two Chinese Actors

A scene from a Chinese film about Beijing opera actor Mei Lanfang (梅兰芳) who specialised in playing classic Chinese young ladies on stage.

Another scene from the film about Mei Lanfang who specialised in playing classic Chinese young heroines on the Beijing Opera stage

And please pay attention to her hand, why? Read on ...

The actor who plays Mei Lanfang in the film

Gee, this is not a MM but a GG! Mind, he is NOT a Gay Guy, but just an ordinary young帅G.

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