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Dalai Lama's Warriors in Action

23 March 2009

A terrorist believed to belong to Tibetan independence movement attacked a Chinese military post in Chongqing on Saturday night at about 7PM, according to witness accounts and various sources in China. The evidence shows that the terrorist approached the post and gunned down a guard when another guard was on the phone. The killer then snatched the semi-automatic gun from the victim's shoulder and fled the scene in a vehicle waiting nearby.

The 19-year old young soldier died shortly after arrived at hospital.

According to witness' description, the attacker was 170m talk with a dark complexion, and carried a long knife on the shoulder, which only Tibetan and a few other ethnic minority group people are allowed to do so legally in China under the excuse of respecting their traditional custom.

A full scale of terrorism executed by Dalai Lama's warriors may formally begin.

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Spring Arrives at Chinese Village

A pool outside a little village in Jiangxi (江西婺源县)

On 16 March 2009, tourists walk through single-slab bridges over a little waterway

Traditional styled Chinese villages now become popular tourist destinations in China, which not only absorb surplus rural labour forces, but also helps to preserve and develop unique Chinese cultural heritage.

(Original photos: 刘爱成,

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