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Little Stories of Lama Warriors
In the Armed Riot 50 Years Ago

19 March 2009

The following are little stories recalled by a certain eyewitness of the CIA backed armed riot in Tibet 50 years ago:

1 A Shortcut to Buddhahood

Despite of adopting a large number of Buddhist termimologies, Tibetan Lamaism by essence is not an enlightened Buddhism but a dark voodoo cult. In the armed revolt 50 years ago, high ranking lamas would promise to their followers that killing a Han Chinese is an attainment as great as to build a stupa for their gods.

According to Tibetan Lamaist law of Four Submissions (四皈依), which places the authority of one's lama master above any forces on earth and beyond, a lama disciple must unconditionally submit himself to the wills and commands of his human master. Under such a culture, during the military revolt, lama warriors would indeed believe killing Han Chinese is a shortcut to Buddhahood, and would thus hold a Buddha statue in one hand and a butcher's knife in another, charging towards their enemy.



2 Inflate Yourself, in Life and Death

Tibetan warriors loved to adorn themselves with gold and silver, as they did in their endless warfare between different Lama factions. They would wear bright coloured robes, capped with sizable fur hat ornamented with gold, silver objects and precious stones which shone brilliantly in the sun. Their horses were also lavishly decorated, carrying arrow rods wrapped in colourful silk and white khatag, with a string of copper bells hung from horse neck, satin and fur cloth covered on horseback. When galloping, horses would then become a visual spectacle and, of course sadly, obvious targets for bullets.


3 CIA's Trump Card

For supporting armed revolt, CIA helped Dalai Lama to train his military forces and then secretly sent them back into Tibetan region to help guiding the U.S. helicopters to airdrop weapons and other supplementary goods. But all three attempts made by American air forces were failed miserably - the pilots simply found no one shown up on the ground. It turned out that at the times those US-made trump cards were playing cards and completely forgot their missions.


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Big Question

Reincarnated baby contemplates a big question:

How come people all know I wear no clothes? I swear I've never told anyone!

转世婴儿的惊天大疑问:His mommy's, 大家究竟是怎么知道俺没穿衣服的?俺可从没告诉过任何人啊!

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