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Dalai Lama's Magic Horn

11 March 2009

When Dalai Lama speaks of love, compassion and tolerance, the dark history of Tibet and cruel nature of Lamaism scream aloud in the background that anyone with an objective ear can hear clearly.

The image shown in the picture is called Horn Vessel, used by Tibetan lamas to attempt black magic against their enemies. During one of numerous secret Lamaist rituals, the horn vessel carved with images of poisonous scorpions and other four legged insects is to be filled with lethal powder and empowered by lama's curse to incur death of those who are denounced by lamas.

By essence, Tibetan Lamaism is a blood-thirsty religion, and some of its Disciplinary Precepts even require the followers to execute killing, not just of animals, but people.

In a secret commandment named Twenty Five Disciplinary Precepts (二十五支分三昧耶戒), there is one particular article called "Practice of Slay" (殺所行戒), which demands the lama practitioners to kill certain group of people or they themselves will be condemned to death for breaching the vital precept.

The following is a list of the people who, according to the Lamaist law, must be killed without mercy:

(1) Those who oppose Tibetan Lamaism;
(2) Those who censure Tibetan lamas;
(3) Those who breach Lamaist precepts,
(4) Those who do not believe in Lamaism,
(5) Those who gain access to high level lamaist practice without permission;
(6) Those who oppose Tibetan government;
(7) Those who interrupt lama's meditation;
(8) Those who are fated to be reborn as animals in next life in lama's opinion;
(9) Those who are fated to be reborn as hungry ghosts in lama's opinion
(10) Those who are fated to go to hell in lama's opinion.

We urge you to examine this death checklist to see if you're honourably included. The chances are, you do, if you belong to 99 percent of people on earth who have basic respect for other people's lives and rights; in this case, back luck to you.

喇嘛教喜好殺生,甚至定下戒律要求弟子去殺害眾生。藏密《二十五支分三昧耶戒》中有一條叫《殺所行戒》, 此戒并非要行者戒殺,而是要受戒者去殺人。按该戒律规定若符合以下"殺所行戒"而不殺者,是謂犯戒:

(6)為國家人民之一切損惱者(即反达赖喇嘛政权者, 殺之);
(10)往地獄道者(謂被藏密主觀認為此人所造之業應往生地獄道者, 可先予以殺之)

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