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Human Rights of EU Style

16 March 2009

In a freezing cold night, a renowned human rights advocate walked out of his warm home to attend an important EU meeting about human rights in today's world, but was stopped just outside the front gate by an elderly homeless man in T shirt and shorts.

"Sir, can you spare a sweater or jumper or coat for me? I'm running a fever and afraid I might freeze to death tonight," pled the homeless man.

The human rights fighter gave the requirement a kind consideration, and said: "My heart is bleeding for you, my dear fellow citizen, but if I give away my clothes, I may catch cold as well, then who is going to fight for the human rights of millions of millions of poor and oppressed people around the world? Let's think of it, what's more important? One life or millions of millions of people's happiness? We shouldn't be too selfish, should me?"

Having said that, the human rights advocate resolutely left the dying homeless man to continue his fight for the millions of millions of people's human rights.





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EU President's Decree

Let's push selfishness to the extreme, let's place individual rights above family rights; family rights above national rights; national rights above global rights; and, of course, EU rights above individual rights; my rights above EU rights.

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