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Jackie Chan: It Was Looting Yesterday. It Is Still Looting Today!

28 February 2009

成龙: “无论谁在此次拍卖中竞得这两件青铜兽首,它们也是失窃的文物,是"贼赃",而无论谁把文物带出中国拿来拍卖都是"盗贼"。”

As some Frenches behave once again like typical pirates and bandits, that their ancestors were, Jackie Chan, the indisputable contemporary Kung Fu King on the silver screen condemned the West for stealing cultural relics from nations with ancient heritages such as China, Egypt, Greek, India, Cambodia, and, Iraq, while unscrupulously claiming they are doing so to protect the treasures.

“They remain looted items, no matter whom they were sold to. Whoever took it out [of China] is himself a thief,” he said in reference to the recent YSL auction of two Zodiac artifacts that French armies stole from China 150 years ago. “It was looting yesterday. It is still looting today.”

The Chinese movie star is planning to make a film about the return of China’s stolen national treasures next year.

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小题大作乎, 非也, 杀只高卢鸡给猴看!

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Status of Liberty

God to France: Thou Shalt Not Steal!

France to America: Except you and me, and our cousins!

America to the world: You hear that? So kneel before me, 'cause I've been granted the status of liberty for home breakin and robbery by my dear French pirates buddy, heheheeee....

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