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Earthquake Diary (7)
The Hope

22 February 2009

1, Eyewitness Report through the Lens
2, The Rescue Efforts
3, The Tentative Recovery
4. The Support
5, The Chinese Army
6, The Reflection

新洋 29 June 2008

This sports stadium serves as a major relief centre for the earthquake victims, but it is almost an empty building. Some staff tell me that most people have already packed and left for home to attend their crop fields as the sowing season is approaching.

Only on the notice board the memories of the deadly disaster are still loud and haunting.

The note on the photo reads: Looking for My Son.

Message on this missing persons notice:

Looking for missing loved ones:

Mother-in-law: Liu Kezhen, 56-year old,
Daughter: Zhen Yudan, 3-year old.

(The latest photo of my mother-in-law and my daughter)

Other missing relatives:

Sister-in-law: xxx,
Brother-in-law: xxx,
Cousin: xxx,
Aunt: xxx,
and all other missing relatives. If you know the whereabouts of them, please contact me by phone. I thank you all for your kindness!!!

Zhen Juquan

May all deceased rest in peace, all inquiry recover well, all survivors rebuilt life soon!!! Go, my friend!

The survivors begin to rebuild their lives. A granny picks up scattered broad bean.

By now, the survivors have a chance to sit and view the changed landscape, reflecting on what occurred two weeks ago.

Skilled elderlies work together to make special bamboo containers in order to help strengthening the river banks before flood season arrives.

Those working in the field without machine. happened."

Those working in the field with machines.

I ask some of the peasants, whom I first met just shortly after the quake when they stood on the roadside with messages on cardboard reading "no water, no food", what the situations are with them now. They blush in reflection and then laughed.

On a street I see a group of military personnel all barefooted passing by. Upon enquiry I've learned that they just returned from paddy fields after helping the locals to transplanted rice seeds.

新洋 7 June 2008

This is Greatwall Steel Corp., the biggest enterprise in Jiangyou city. The production has been resumed.

8, The United Efforts

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Investor Liu Ruopeng

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