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Earthquake Diary (5)
The Support

18 February 2009

1, Eyewitness Report through the Lens
2, The Rescue Efforts
3, The Tentative Recovery
4. The Support

新洋 29 May 2008

The PLA officers and soldiers help residents to remove furniture from a house seriously damaged in the quake through a broken staircase.

Ever since the establish of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the People's Liberation Army has always been the main force in almost every major rescue operation, be it bushfire, flood or snow storm. So is the case with the most deadly earthquake in Chinese record.

One more piece of furniture has been saved.

Don't mistake them for peasant labourers working at construction site - these young men are in fact highly trained tank and military armour specialists.

Chinese army is not just a power to destroy something that is harmful, but a force to create something that is valuable: after demolishing the old, they begin to build new home for quake victims.

As some quake survivors are yet to recover from the shock of losing loved ones and lifetime savings, and could only sit in the shade gazing on, the PLA officers and soldiers are working in the sun and sweating their guts out to build new homes for them, and doing so cheerfully.

Other survivors quickly join the effort of rebuilding their lives.

Still some start to resume a high tech life style in their temporary abode set up by the PLA.

Just in a few days of time when I stay in this little village, a brand new residential block has been erected from scratch. What a remarkable pace of work!

6, The Reflection
7, The Hope
8, The United Efforts

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