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Earthquake Diary (4)
The Support

16 February 2009

1, Eyewitness Report through the Lens
2, The Rescue Efforts
3, The Tentative Recovery

新洋 18 May 2008

This free tea stall is set up by a Chinese Oil company.

During the crisis, the majority of the Chinese people are truly united as brothers and sisters in one family. When your car arrives at a town or a village, the locals would bring you a bowl of tea for free; in the streets, when someone is seen to be in T shirt and shorts, others would approach to ask if a warmer outfit is needed; when a stranger walks into an eatery, he/she would be immediately invited to share food with those who have already ordered dishes.

多难兴邦 - By courageously taking up challenges a nation can rise up to occasions.

This is midnight in a torrential downpour of rain with strong and frequent aftershocks, yet on the highways, traffic is heavy as trucks and cars with full loads of donations keep streaming into the quake hit zones.

The mountain roads in the formidable Mt Jiajin (夹金山) are partially damaged by constant landslide, but the dangerous condition does not intimidate rescue forces away from approaching the victims in the communities deep within the mountain. The brave drivers of two tourist coaches are evacuating the local residents.

When I was half way up the mountain, I received phone calls from Chengdu, warning me that according to the news on TV, there would be strong aftershocks in the area that night, so I returned to the hill foot where I met a group of people chatting away around a campfire. They warmly invited me to join them.

After a while, we realised we were joined by another new comer - a young man quietly sitting at a corner. When inquired, he tells us he is a resident at Wenchuan County Town (纹川县城). Hours after the massive quake, he and other two dozens of young people with families in the town braved their way home, but several of them were killed in the mountain road by landslide. "Tonight I'm gonna take a break here, wait until tomorrow."

新洋 24 May 2008

This is a Tibetan settlement where Han and Tibetan police work side by side.

In Menggu (猛固), passionate ethnic Tibetan people rally by the roadside with banners, national flags, baskets of food and bowls of water, welcoming the arrival of the military forces and other volunteers.

The earthquake victims do not want to sit and wait for others to bring help to them. They dug out clothes and quilts from the rubbles, washed them and hang them on a thread to dry in the sun for reuse.

This extended family got an open tent from an army unit. Each day they sit by a small radio transmitter to hear the news.

They told me that since the 12 May they've received rice handout twice, totaling 3 kilos per person; and in recent days, they have been delivered instant noodles on daily basis.

"What we need most at the moment are salt, oil and tents," they say, and look forward to the day when the government can help them to build a new home.

新洋 29 May 2008

The rough street living does not stop people from having fun.

This is the site office of the food and accounting bureaus of Jiangyou city, and the staff work in their cars.

When I've arrived on the other side of Mt Jiajin, I've only been able to leave one bottle of medicine to a man looking after the railway line. The locals declined to receive the donated items in my car, urging me to bring them to the people hit harder by the quake.

5, The Chinese Army
6, The Reflection
7, The Hope
8, The United Efforts

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Celestial Roses

According to Buddhist understanding, everything in the universe is manifested from our perceptions, individually or collectively; and according to Daoist observation, all things at all levels of existence are mirroring each other.

The images above are the celestial clouds appeared in the night sky over a remote village in Lofty Bright District (高明区), Buddha Hill City (佛山市), Guangdong Province (Canton), and captured on camera by Mr He Jianguo (何建国), a Guangzhou resident.

Do you reckon it's earth copying from heaven or heaven reflecting earth?

(Source of info and original photos by 叶卡斯,

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