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Earthquake Diary (3)
The Tentative Recovery

14 February 2009

1, Eyewitness Report through the Lens
2, The Rescue Efforts

16 May 2008 (the 4rd day of the 5.12 earthquake):

Four days after being hit hard by the deadly earthquake, many cities, towns and villages began to take tentative steps towards recovery

Streets are cleaned

Roads are repaired

Some residents returned to home damaged in the earthquake collecting household items.

A practical guy just retrieved a quilt from his home questions the wisdom of his neighbour who makes recovering the audio equipment the first priority of his salvage operation.

This elderly man has recovered a little coal stove from family storage for unused items, but no one questions his wisdom because the gas supply is no longer available and this is the only way that would allow his family to keep enjoying the delicious Sichuan cuisine.

This pregnant wife prepares her favourite dishes on the street, not for a cooking show, but daily family meal.

16 May 2008 (the 4rd day of the 5.12 earthquake):

Two brothers share a motorbike with a box of instant doodles on the rack. Following is a brief conversation between the author of the post 新洋 and one of the brothers:

The Author: Where did you travel from?

The brother in white: Xinjiang.

The author: How did you travel by?

The brother in white: After arrived Chengdu, I used whatever method of transportation I could find.

The author: How is the situation with your family?

The brother in white: No idea at all.

The author: What have you brought for your family?

The brother in white: I bought a box of instant noodles down the highway.

The author: Is your home far away from here?

The brother in white: Not too far, once we come to the end of the road, we only need to cross a couple of mountains on foot, and I'll do it with the noodle box on my shoulder.

18 May 2008 (the 6rd day of the 5.12 earthquake):

Along the highway, ambulances, police cars, military trucks and emergency buses cut through the traffic from time to time. All vehicles just silently give way to let them pass; when encountering traffic jams, no one presses horn to express impatience.

When highway patrolling police shout "landslide!", everybody jumps off the vehicle to seek cover.

The wife of the silver car hesitates, worrying if the family vehicle would be damaged; her husband yells at her, "What's more important? Our lives or our car?"

After the terrifying landslide is over, police call everyone to drive the car away this dangerous zoom without delay, yet the owners of the silver car are still too spellbound to do anything, so a policeman has to volunteer himself as their temporary chauffeur.

Along the streets, I see many kids holding high banners and cardboard with messages expressing their gratitude to the rescue workers and all others who offer support for them to go through the disasters.

Power has returned, patrol station reopened, mobile service resumed and in some areas water supply is also recovered.

However, people have to live in tents as small quakes occur frequently. When the wind and rain set in, many tents are ripped and damaged, exposing the residents to the chilly natural elements.

Time again, I'm moved when talking to these quake victims - they exhibit their appreciation of the difficulties in managing the crisis of this scale. But they do need help and support, and need them urgently!

4, The Support
5, The Chinese Army
6, The Reflection
7, The Hope
8, The United Efforts

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Gas Discovered After Earthquake

A villager at Qingchuan County (青川县) in Sichuan Province light a gas fire in the river bed at a mouth of Green Bamboo River (青竹河) which experienced landslide and experienced landslide and earth movements including earth cracking up caused by the deadly quake last May.

Since early February 2009, the locals from Red Light village (红光乡) have noticed heat and natural gas from the earth along the section of East Mouth (东河口).

(Source of info and original photo: 江宏景,

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