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The Debt Will Be Paid

26 February 2009

Peter applied to a finance agency for a job, but he had no experience. The manager gave him the name of a French fashion company called Yes Satan Laurent's. "I've heard this company is on the verge of bankruptcy; if you can collect the debt, you'll get the job."

"No problem," returned Peter, firmly. "Its debt will be paid, I promise you."

Two days later, Peter came back with the entire amount.

"Amazing!" the manager exclaimed. "How did you do it?"

"Easy," Peter replied. "I told the co-founder of the company that if he didn't pay up, I'd tell all his other creditors he paid us."

"So Yes Satan Laurent's is actually doing okay?"

"Hum ... not really, they just auctioned some stolen goods."








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Fake, Fake, Fake

Stone pork meat

Stone pork mince

Stone pork steak

Don't be fooled, they are not what you think they are.

These are some items displayed on a queer stone exhibition (奇石展) November last year at Xuchang City (许昌), Henan Province (河南) in China.

Fake, fake, fake, just like French brand human rights and justice.

(Source: 牛书培, 人民网)

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