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Chinese Character in the Crop Field

21 February 2009

It is believed that "crop circle" phenomenon originally occurred in southern England during the mid-1970s. By then the aliens who supposedly created the patterns in the fields, as many people speculated, appeared to be illiterate, and could only come up with simple circles.

Three decades on, those suspected extraterrestrial beings seem to have made a great progress in their terrestrial learning, and now they can even write Chinese in styles by executing beautiful calligraphy.

The deep green pattern shown in the picture resembles a Chinese character 龍 (dragon), which stands for a mythical creature considered to be the guardian angel of Chinese nation. The configuration was noted and photographed on 18 Feb 2009 at Dragon Palace Scenic Zone (龙宫风景区) in Anshun City (安顺市), Guizhou Province (贵州省) by journalist Qiao Qiming (乔启明) from Xinhua News Agency.

But if Doug Bower and Dave Chorley contemplate to come forward claiming their copyright of this crop mural, as they did in 1991 to the crop murals appeared in the other parts of the world, and think they can further auction this massive piece of artwork for hard cash, like what French are going to do next week with bronze rabbit and rat head sculptures their great great-fathers looted from Yuangmingyuan Garden in Beijing during the Second Opium War in 1860, they could be sued for copyright infringement, since the ownership of the graffiti is so self evident: the figure of Chinese character is formed by broad bean crop grown in the rapeseed fields.

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2,000-Year Old Han Murals Unearthed

The main chamber with murals

An ancient Chinese lady holding a lamp

Four tombs dating back to Han Dynasty (202 BC–220 AD) were unearthed last November during construction work on a residential housing project in ancient Chinese capital Xian (西安), where the first Emperor Qin's mausoleum and his terra cotta warriors are located. One of the tombs is found to have murals painted all over the chamber walls and vaulted ceilings, covering a wide spectrum of topics depicting aspects of daily life as well as the compositions of the major stars in the sky.

(Source of info & original photos: 冯国,

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