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A Fireworks Show

18 January 2009

The most spectacular new year's eve celebration 2009 has taken place at a certain spot on earth ...

<An old man and two not so old women and many other men and other women are not sitting on the Sydney Harbour foreshore, but on a viewing spot to safely observe the Gaza Strip. They cheerfully wait for the show to to begin.


Soon after night fell, fireworks appeared in the sky over the Gaza Strip >


Who says only Sydney can manage spectacular new year's eve fireworks? Sydney's fireworks emerged in the sky then quickly disappeared from the sky without a trace, but these ones emerged in the sky and spread across the ground and left everlasting physical marks everywhere. >


Like this ----->


Would you just stop circulating the rumours about how some internationally prohibited fireworks being shot into the sky? Even if that is true, so what? We should allow the fireworks crew to be a bit more creative so they can bring the best show to the town.

Don't behave like a crying baby ...


< A firework crew member: Yeah! We've done it! Cheers!!!

The old man and the two not so old women and many other men and many other women: What? You say we are not the audience of fireworks show but the cheer squad of war?

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