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Chinese New Year Tradition:
Lion Dance - Eat the Qing (采青)

26 January 2009

Lion dance is one of the indispensable components of Chinese New Year festival. However, lions are not native animals in China and until 1900 years ago when Persian envoys brought lions to Emperor Hanwu (汉武帝) as gifts, Chinese people had no idea what lions looked like.

Over the period of the great Tang, Song and Ming dynasties, the lion dace initially designed for palace entertainment appeared in streets, and became a popular expression of the celebration and an articulated form of martial arts.

One of the essential elements in the lion dance as we see today is of "Eating Green" ("采青", initially called “踩清”): "lion" try to reach and bite green vegetables hanging from the top of the front entrance. Green is pronounced as "qing", same to the Qing dynasty, which clearly is a tradition developed during the Manchurians' reign in China, and expressed the strong urges of 98 percent of people in China who wished to eliminate the Manchurian parasites that sucked their blood, humiliated their culture and destroyed their civilisation.

Today when Manchu dynasty remnants are still refusing to acknowledge Qing's genocide crimes that are matchable to what Nazi Germany did to Jews and Japanese did in Nanjing, and keep insulting the descendents of the victims by, such as, holding a "Heavenly Praying" farce in the Chinese capital, lions have to keep eating "Qing" until its blood-sucking spirits are totally eradicated.

Chinese online response to the Manchurians style Heaven Praying farce:

满清是最落后的王朝 还有什么可以炫耀的
Qing is the most backward regime, what can be show off about?

It's a insult to Chinese civilisation.

耻辱成了荣耀 厚颜无耻 奴才
Those who enjoy to be humiliated are the hopeless flunkies.

Chinese New Year Tradition:
Firecrackers - Drive Away Evil Spirits

In the night of 25 January 2009, Chinese New Year's Eve, Beijing became a city of smoke and light as firecrackers set off in every streets, alleyways and courtyards, hoping to drive away the evil spirits (or will they when Manchurian emperor and eight-banner tribes rematerialised in the Chinese capital?)

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Ming emperor would feast and address to his officials in the Forbidden City, prayed for good harvest and the well being of all Chinese in the Alter of Heaven


Manchurians' Qing "emperor" would pray in temples run by Tibetan lamas and the Alter of Heaven built by Ming emperors for good harvest as well as the continuation of the apartheid rule by their alien minority tribes over the majority native Chinese.

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