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Happy Chinese Niu (牛) Year!

26 January 2009

Happy Chinese Niu () Year!

According to The Sequence of the Universe (《皇极经世》), formulated by Shao Kangjie (邵康节), one of the top I Ching masters in Chinese history, year 2009 corresponds with the 20th I China diagram: Observation (风地观), in which the wind (Wood in Five Agents) blows across the land (Earth in Five Agents).

In this regard, it is a year when one needs to exercise extra cautions against making rash decisions and taking hasty actions; on the other hand, it is also a good time to undertake appropriate investigations, examinations, evaluations or deliberations, and to set up strategic preparations for the actions in the coming Tiger year.

Some contemporary Chinese I Ching masters believe that in this year we may be able to witness a great cultural progress, while facing many difficulties in business sectors that are heavily associated with Earth element.

Further, as 2009 is strongly featured with yin Earth in both its celestial stem and terrestrial branch, the energy of Fire will slowly deplete, which could help cooling down some conflict hot spots around the world.

The collective destiny of a family, a nation and the entire world works in a way similar to how an individual's fate is decided. It only reflects what would come to us if we do not alter our customed course of actions.

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拜年啦'! 牛起来!

Hello everybody, I'm your Taisui, the celestial ruler of the year. Those on earth who share the same zodiac sign of ox, be careful, and be extremely careful when you try to mess up with me. Don't say I did not warn you!

Chinese Cyber Cowboys' Chinese Niu () Year Resolution:

不钻牛角 (do not single-mindedly head towards a dead end),不瞪牛眼 (do not shoot dirty look at others),不捋牛尾,不吹牛皮 (do not boast),不拽牛耳 (do not keep high profile),不拔牛毛 (do not take advantage of others),不耍牛气 (do not get angry),不使牛性 (do not be stubborn),不尥牛蹶 (do not go off in a huff),牛模牛样过牛年!(Be a good cowboy).

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