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The Impact of Climate Change

23 December 2009

This scene was captured on camera on December 11 at the Old Ox Bay (老牛湾) section of the Yellow River where the waterway meets the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty (明长城), that divides Shanxi, a land within the traditional scope of the ancient Han civilisation, and the Inner Mongolia that is on the other side of the fence.

As shown in the picture, the hills are not verdant while the water is frozen, which is an obvious evidence that the most part of the planet has entered a cold season. It reminds everybody in the world (and particularly those in the West) how the Chinese Government once again failed to halt the climate change and allowed autumn to deteriorate to winter by recklessly thwarting a passage of an ironclad declaration of the war against the global cooling elaborately prepared by the British Government. Consequently, the world lost the last opportunity to reverse the season from winter to autumn.

What a tragedy!

(Photo: 任军川-新华社)

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