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Chinese Youth on Mao Zedong

26 December 2009

The following is the main part of an online article titled A Young Chinese's View on Mao Zedong (一个80后对毛泽东的评价) posted on by Pure Lotus (清荷), and it's English translation:

As we all can tell, the current wave of Mao Zedong fever is not promoted by the government, but initiated from grassroots. Young people of my generation born in 80s are basically more interested in economy than politics, thus the act of advocating Mao Zedong Spirit has more to do with culture than ideology.

For me, I would like to know more about Mao Zedong as a man not as a legend. I think the reason that people love him is because he loved people dearly, as we all know that it is the ordinary Chinese people whom he cared about most.

Some online friends laughed at me. “Go home ask your parents what they went through during the Three-Year Famine and Youth Go Rural Movement before posting your praise on him,” they told me.

True. No one ever sent me to work in farm, and I’ve never experienced hunger. But I did have asked my dad about famine and about go rural. “Yes, it was a hard time and we were poor in materials,” he replied, “but it was also a noble era and we were rich in spirit.”

To comprehend what is spirit, I buried myself in thick books at library. Soon I found the answer. When turning the pages of those historical documents, my soul was shocked and my heart was bleeding.

I'd never imagined that when Mao Zedong and his CCP reunited the nation in 1949, China would be in such a backward and dilapidated state.

In the rural area, peasants were frequently plagued by flood and draught, and constantly threatened by locusts and bandits; the beggars were seen everywhere and the dead bodies left unburied here and there.

In the city, most of industry products were imported goods with Chinese character 洋 (yang, meaning overseas) specified in the name of many daily items, which include carts (yang che 洋车), cloth (yang bu 洋布), matches (yang huo 洋火), gasoline (yang you 洋油), nails (yang ding 洋钉) and socks (yang wa 洋袜).

When the Nationalist Government fled to Taiwan, with the help of the American air force, they took nearly all national reserves away, including 86.56 tons of gold and 35 million pieces of silver. This huge asset stolen from the 540 million mainland Chinese was then poured into the tiny island with a population of merely 7 million. The financial windfall as such, along with the rewards Taiwanese received from the West for helping them to attack their own brothers and sisters in the mainland, has enabled the island to create a so-called economic miracle. Taiwan's wealth is by and large built upon theft and betrayal.

In the mainland that had been left with nothing but scars of wars from the foreign invasion and civil conflicts, Mao Zedong led his people to rebuild the nation from the scratch with their own hands, while in the meantime took up the military challenges from the West in Korea and eradicated the local bandits and traitors at the home.

If you were Mao Zedong, and in such a grave situation, what could you achieve then?


就如同我这么一个年代出生的女子来说,解读毛泽东,更愿意去收获了一个真实的毛泽东。从人的角度,而不是神的角度,理清历史真相,我想人民之所以认为毛泽东伟大,是因为他心里只有人民。 心里有人民的人,人民是抹不掉他的。









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We Chinese people have the courage to fight with our enmities to our last breath, the determination to rebuild our war-torn country with our own hands, and the ability to stand independently among the world community.


-- Mao Zedong (26th Dec 1893 - 9th Sep 1996)

American Army in Korea War

American Soldiers sexually abuse prisoners of war, the captured North Korean female soldiers.

American officers became prisoners of war, captured by Chinese armies.

It is never a PLA tradition to abuse a captive, even to abusive American troops who cruelly abused captured Chinese soldiers.

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