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Watching the Earth from the Sky

21 December 2009

A Chinese boy around 12 Netnamed wjr4567asd just became a first grade student at a junior high in Xiamen neighbouring Taiwan Provence, but in recent couple of days, he has been recommended by a great number of Chinese Netizens to take up the job as the chief of China’s Seismology Bureau.

It all began on a later afternoon of 13 December at 5pm when the boy cast a casual glance at the sky through the open windows. He was immediately attracted to a pair of cylinder-shaped clouds that late split into five or six streams, and promptly associated this unusual sight with the strange sound he registered lately from the downstairs. A great hypothesis was thus formed in his mind that a ground breaking event could be looming, hence he took five or six photos as evidences within 17 minutes.

Four hours late at 19.30pm, he published his groundbreaking report on 7 days plus two hours later, the ground of Xiamen shivered as the ground under the ocean off Taiwan coast broke.

The following are his research paper and some of the responses of the reviews:

2009-12-13 19:11:00 访问:

I spotted odd clouds like this through the window. Recently I often heard bom bom sound from downstairs, and today I saw these clouds. It was at 17:03, by then I found a pair of long clouds in the sky, which amazed me, so I took a shot. At 17.09, one of the long cloud split into two and broke in the middle sections. At 17:19, the clouds further split into five or site streams, all straight in radiate formation. Around the streams are heaps of the clouds in groups looked like footprints, with curves and wrinkles, as if waves in a lake. I’m a bit worried, wondering who can explain this phenomenon for me …. Will the lake be in turmoil before an earthquake? Will the fish jumped out of water? There is a lake near my home.

In fact the earthquake signs are the clouds in the background rather than the cylinder-shaped air streams.

今天我在窗台上偶然看见天空中有这样的云,觉得很奇怪,最近经常听到楼下(我家在筼筜路得西提别墅)有BOM BOM的响声,今天看到这个云。今天17.03时,我看见天上就有两条长长地云,觉得很奇怪,就拍了下来,接着,17.09,我又看见其中一条分成了2条,中间还有截断的地方,17.19,我又看见这些全散了,变成了5.6条。而且,这些条云都是直的,在这些云旁边,有挺大片的跟鞋印一样的云,一小片一小片的,弯弯的,从我这看过去皱皱的,有点波浪形,真是有点担心啊,谁能给我一个解释…… 地震之前湖面会不平静吗?鱼会跳吗?我们家楼下有筼筜湖,可以观测的. 我拍的.

2009-12-13 19:30:08:

You’re an uneducated idiot, this are the marks left by jet aircrafts.


2009-12-13 22:28:35:

I saw it too today, what’s the fuss about it.

我今天也看到了啊 没什么啦大惊小怪的.


Hi guys, today we have an earthquake at 21.02, asking the friends in Xiamen ...

结果今天真的地震了 不信你们看 厦门的朋友们, 21.02分 是不是真的 自己看

2009-12-19 21:41:00:

Xiamen just shook, from Taiwan quake. I’m in the town, and the impact lasted for more than a minute, everyone ran out. It’s terrible.


2009-12-19 21:57:33:

At 21:02, under the deep ocean off Hualian of Taiwan there was a quake at RC of 6.8.


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But if you think the sky watching boy is remarkable, take a look at this post appeared on China’s Earthquake Forum?

2009-12-18 17:11:

In Hualian direction of Taiwan, an earthquake between 6.0 – 7.0ms will occur in the next 48 hours.


The fact:

On Saturday night, 19 Dec, a strong earthquake measured at a magnitude of 6.7 hit Hualian in Taiwan Province.

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