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A Chinese Railway Staff's Diary - 2 June 1953

13 December 2009

This is English translation of a diary written by a Chinese railway staff member during the early years of the People’s Republic China. We thank her for allowing us to publish her private diary online in full.

June 2, 1953, Tuesday

I’m so excited – today I’m offered a task to help build our new republic. My position is in China’s Fifth Construction Engineering Bureau in Qingdao and will be working on capital construction accounting. I’m so proud of my role.

From now on I’m a formal staff of the state, and I’ll cherish this opportunity which will allow me to make my contribution to the nation.

Chrysanthemum is with the Fourth CE Bureau located in Shijiazhuang. I’m happy for her being so close to Beijing. Grace has yet to be appointed a position and seems to be rather anxious. Her uncle sent a letter to her urging her not to leave Shanghai, and her grandparents will also arrive in a few days to persuade her not to go anywhere else. Grace is quite upset and sheds her tears. I also feel sad for her but I believe she will not bow to the pressure – it is about her own future. Chrysanthemum, Tinkling and I advised her to view it as a test to her determination. I hope she will go through all these obstacles eventually.

My aunt is like my own mother to me, busily preparing my luggage and spending generously to purchase things that she thinks I might need late on. I promise I will repay her kindness one day.

The Diary in original Chinese text:






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