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The Summit of Showdown
between the Rich and the Poor

18 December 2009

According to the World Bank’s Little Green Data Book 2003, while only 15 percent of the world’s population live in developed rich countries mainly in the West, they consume half of the world's energy and contribute 50 percent of total carbon emission which partially causes the global warming.

The difference in per capita energy use is even more remarkable: the United States uses 5 times as much energy per capita as China.

The following are what Chinese say about the Copenhagen Climate Summit:



The West is the fat guy who eats too much, and now drags the skinny fellow - the developing world - who has already been half staved with malnutrition to get on a strict diet – this is the true face of the West.

营养过剩、脂肪过多堆积的胖子(西方国家),要拉着吃不饭、骨受如柴的瘦子(发展中国家)与他们一同减肥 — 这就欧美国家的嘴脸。


This so-called climate summit is just like the Paris Peace Conference with the objective to allow the developed countries to divide and contain the developing nations. The rich countries are known to have made a secret deal that they would only allow the poor nations to reach 50 percent of the West's carbon emission level. How about the equal human rights now? Have gone out of the window? Just because the folks in the rich countries want to drive their car, the people in the poor nations should stop eating! Is this something that any decent human beings would ever consider to propose?



The confrontation against the West is overdue. Their economic development is very much at the expense of the poor nations, and now they not only refuse to clear up the mass they created, but further try to maintain their economic supremacy by preventing the poorer nations to develop.

自己发展了,过去账一笔抵赖了. 现在还要遏制别人发展,让别人付出更多代价.


This is a fundamental issue about human rights, national interest and world development. As the biggest developing country, China has an obligation to stand up to the exploitative West, otherwise not just China, but the 80 percent of people in the world living in the developing countries will be disadvantaged once again.



I'm amazed that in the conference, no Western countries have showed a slightest interest in the environmental problems in the developing nations in terms of garbage dumping, water contamination and industry pollution, since these problems do not affect their lives. As long as the developing nations stop increasing their energy consumption, no matter how polluted their land becomes, the West wouldn’t care about it at all.




All the accusations generated by the rich countries in Copenhagen Conference against China and other developing nations are serving one purpose only: to evade their historical responsibility and to driver people's attention away from the per capita emission level.

If China triumphants in the battle, the rich countries will be forced to cut their emission levels massively and the poor nations will have much needed financial support to reduce their emissions and to adopt clean energy technologies. In this case the world and the history will be the ultimate winner. If the rich countries claim the victory, however, they will be allowed to maintain their luxury lifestyle that is energy-wasteful while punishing the poor nations for not satisfying their emission cut requirements, which could cause economic collapse and trigger political instability in the developing world. Currently most highly polluted industries owned by the West have been relocated to the poorer countries which becomes the main cause of the pollution to the local environment, thus it is indeed rather cynical for the rich countries to climb onto a moral high ground and demand the poor nations to protect the world environment.

The opinion of me, a humble Chinese peasant, is that I wholeheartedly support our government to stand up to the West, and firmly believe that if the Americans, the Europeans and Japanese can endue the filthy environment therefore refuse to clear up the mess they created, we Chinese shall have no problem to stick it out.






We have allowed the West to take our advantage for too long, and we didn’t seem to mind that much, but this time it is different. It is about the future of our nation and we cannot afford to step back. If the worst case scenarios eventuates, since we living in the less developed countries have already got quite used to the less desirable environment, it would be the Westerners who feel the blunt most. And if the Westerners have determined to wreck the world, we have no objection to end up in common ruin. Hahaha.

平时让西方国家占点儿便宜就算了, 这是未来大计, 马虎不得. 就要据理力争. 大不了一拍两散, 把我们国家那片天治理好点儿就行了. 反正我们也习惯了, 估计最不习惯的还是西方人吧, 要死一起死, 哈哈哈.

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The Summit of Conflict
Between Yin and Yang

The dark mass looming on the western horizon is not gigantic hills, but a massive piece of cloud. A scene of yin-yang division between the dark west and the rest of the sky that is rather bright appeared in the heaven above Poyang Lake (鄱阳湖) in Jiangxi Province on the late afternoon of December 16, 2009, after more than half a month of wet and gloomy climate.

Poyang Lake is a historical site where famous Three Kings' warfare took place nearly 2000 years ago.

According to Daoist concept, the earthly existence is a shadowy reflection of the celestial reality. So go figure.

(Photo: 中新社发 张 俊)

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