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About British Drug Smuggler and Gunboat Diplomacy (3)

31 December 2009

天下风云2008 (

Wanna start a new round gunboat diplomacy? Don’t make me laugh, Brits, look into the mirror to see what you are today.


richardeven (

This kind of so-called democratic countries are the enemies of the humanity, because they protect the drug traffickers. Historically Britain is a nation that thrived through the drug selling business; little wonder they feel so dearly towards the drug traffickers. Fortunately, China has now grown strong, otherwise we may see British government-backed drug traffickers run wild here. That is why China must get stronger, so it can defence our civilization, otherwise, the humanity could be destroyed at the hands of the Westerners.

这种民主国家是全人类的敌人, 因为他们保护毒贩子. 毒品是什么?是人类文明的敌人, 应该禁绝才对. 英国历史上就是一个靠着贩毒发展起来的国家, 对于毒贩子有着非同一般的感情. 英国就是一个靠着对人类文明犯罪起家的流氓国家. 幸亏中国现在强大了, 不然, 这个流氓还要打上门来呢. 所以, 中国人必须强大以便保护人类文明, 不然, 这种毒贩子国就会把人类文明毁灭.

Highsierra (

Brits made a big splash for the purpose. They sure know how to deal with such situation: to negotiate quietly. But they didn't; instead they yelled aloud around the world and abused Chinese. To me it is obvious that they just want to send the drug smuggler to death bed sooner rather than later, which makes me wonder if that man was only a drug smuggler - I would like to know from where that poor man got so much money to buy the drugs in the first place? Dead man wouldn't talk - maybe this is what British government really wants.

阴人这次是故意闹大的,巴不得中国杀了这二狗子好无事生非. 凭阴人对国人的了解,它们绝对懂要想中国刀下流人,应该桌下悄悄地弄,什么中国人民的老朋友之类的话说一通。这么高吊弄,其实就是想弄死这二狗子。这SB肯定不是贩毒那么简单。几百万的毒资哪来的,交给谁了?阴人怕是比中国还不想它曝光.

糟糕发型乱了 (

Brits failed to redeem their past sins of opium trade that cost lives of millions of people around the world. Now they still try to protect their drug dealers. This country is basically anti-humanity and should be dealt with accordingly. Now the supporters of the criminals in British government and media circus threatened us with gunboats. Come on, Brits, surely you have not forgot the Korean War, not so quickly! Do you really think we would be afraid of the 3rd Opium War?


jcxs0107 (

Haha, Brits’ memory is too bad, can’t even remember how their gunboat ran away form the Yangtze River in a shameful defeat in 1949.


黑黑的东西 (

The Brits may think they did play unfairly in the previous two Opium Wars and wish to give us an opportunity to give even, so they can feel less guilty. Welcome. We're ready for you.


British government officials and British media guys, in particular those who still cherish the old way of daily communication through telegraphs, don’t just offer your lip service to your country! Show your real guts by sailing your gunboats with full load of heroin towards the Yangtze River. Yeah, go for it!

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